How can I get my toddler to wean?

My son is almost two y.o. And I am still breastfeeding, aka human pacifier. I’m so over it. He eats regular food and is just using me as a crutch. I can’t get him off of me. He uses me to go to sleep, and when he wakes, he also wakes up three times a night just so I can pacifier him back to sleep. He won’t take a pacifier or a bottle. He won’t drink ANY kind of milk, and we are having problems keeping his weight up. PLEASE PLEASE HELP. My husband thinks I’m neurotic constantly feeding him or cooking for him because of him falling behind on the growth curve. Plus I’m a SAHM. How can I get this kid off of me?


Maybe ask your doctor for ideas?

I just stopped feeding mine and gave a bottle. In your case a sippie cup etc. If you refuse to give it he will come around to drinking other things. You still let him which in turn he will keep doing it. Just refuse. Also if he has an issue keeping weight try the pedisure type drinks.


It will be an awful few days but the best way is just to deny him…he will adjust…not saying that to be mean or snotty…


Gotta remember you are in control not him. If you don’t want him having it then don’t give it. Simple :woman_shrugging:


I gave my son chocolate milk in a sippy cup to get him to stop nursing and slowly less and less chocolate till he would drink regular

Cut down one feed a day until he is weaned. Takes patience, you got it :blush:

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It time to cut the cord. You’re enabling by allowing it so much. It’s gonna suck, but you gotta cut him off. He won’t die. He’ll eventually just drink and eat what’s given


I had the same problem with my daughter, I cut her off cold Turkey, it was extremely difficult for both of us for the first few days but eventually she got over it, I took her to pick out a few sippy cups too. I had to do it for my sanity, it was worth it, just a really really bumpy first few days…you can do it :blush:

My sister put black bandaids on her nipples and was like sorry kid! They are broken. :joy::joy: it worked.


Had the same thing with mine at that age. I started to refuse feedings cus she’d suck for a minute and be off. So I knew she wasn’t actually getting anything. First cut off day feedings except for afternoon to nap and when she first woke up. But other than that, nothing during the day. Instead I would offer her a sippy of juice or water. Then over a couple months I’d reduce her night feedings. She’d wake, she’d cry. I’d hold and comfort her, but no breast. It sucked but it worked. She too was falling off her growth curve. I made her protein smoothies. I couldn’t afford the premade ensure, so bought the powder and made smoothies with whatever fruit I had with milk and a syrup, usually chocolate so it tasted just like chocolate milk. All that together seemed to work. Oh and finger foods. She lives ranch dressing and food to dip in it. Good luck mama

My son was the same. I put bandaids on and told him it was broken. He would often check for the bandaids but after a few days he forgot about the breast.


:raising_hand_woman:t4: your not alone I’m going through basically the same exact thing.


Go on an adult only vacation. Reconnect with your husband and cut off the breastfeeding cold turkey. Out of sight, out of mind.


Mine was similar, i just cut her off cold turkey. It was hard for 2 days but she was fine & she was about 15 months. So you might have a toddler with a bad tude for a couple days maybe a week but stay strong, he’ll get over it! I also had an easier time to cut her off bc she bit me in the middle of the night so i was pissed :rofl:

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I still breastfeed my 3 and 5 year old at night.

Wouldn’t change it until they do, you’ve done phenomenal!!


I started by cutting out him being on the breast during the day. He got it at naptime and bed time. Then it was just bed time. Then none at all it was a rough week or so, but eventually he got over it. We pushed sippy cups with him and he started taking to it pretty quickly

I had the same problem with my now 5 year old. I was still breastfeeding him at 2 yrs old. I did cold turkey. No boob, there were definitely sleepless nights while he was adjusting lol but it was the best route within a week that was it no booby no crying he got use to the bottle. It’s just about consistency.

My son was 3 and doing the same thing! I finally just had to stop the first week was awful but then he quit asking but it still takes me 30-45 mins a night over a year later to get him to sleep :weary:

You may need to see a speech therapist for some kind of feeding therapy if he isn’t eating well. My son has a gtube because he doesn’t eat or drink enough. He is in the one percentile but weight is slowing coming up with a high calorie diet in his tube.