How can I get my toddler to wean?

Stop taking the growth curve so seriously. 2 yo will go through stages where they dont eat much at all. Chill out a bit. He will be ok. And hes not going to starve to death. Tell him no and deal with the tantrums. Dont cave. He will eventually stop.

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I’m in the same position, but my daughter turned 3 last month.
Yes she is older which made it easier to have a discussion with her that we dont have “bookie” until bedtime, so as soon as we leave the bed that means no more boob until bed time.
She constantly asks for it still but it’s a matter of distraction. Put plasters on your nipples and him you are ouchie and only take them off when you have managed to leave it double time between letting him have it and when he gets used to that, double it again.
I’ve no advice for the night feeds as mine still wakes every 2-3 hours for a feed during the night. Good luck! It’s hard to deal with when they go into meltdown mode but you have to remember to look after yourself too. It wont go on forever and if you have had enough small steps will help toward the end goal

At almost two years old he shouldn’t need a pacifier or bottle anyway. My recommendation is to pump And put it in a sippy cup… He can gain more weight by adding in more healthier foods that are higher in calories. And if you have not tried already PediaSure. That helped my daughter gain weight. Eventually use the breast milk and PediaSure together. Hopefully that will work to wean him off easier Then cutting him off cold turkey.

Try different bottles. And try bumping and giving through bottle.

My son is 100% the same way, only no issues with weight gain. He does use me as a human pacifier too. It may sound odd, but to kinda give myself relief, I started putting water(only 1-2oz) into a Gatorade bottle and would slowly squirt it into his mouth. After 2 months of this, he’s starting to hold the bottle and squirt it himself, with my supervision at all times and is starting to suck on it. Going from breastfeeding to bottles and sippy cups are difficult but doable

My last baby fed till he was 3 yrs, then stopped on his own accord, start drinking less water, this produces less milk.

Following. I have a 16 month old still nursing and I am so done


Just stop breastfeeding. If he wants milk and gets thirsty enough he’ll drink it


Following. 15M n still nursing.:sob::sob:


say no an stick to it. i stopped when i wanted too and my kids got over it :woman_shrugging:t2:


Following having the same issue

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You may have to go cold Turkey. Leave a couple days if possible.

I wrapped myself up with plastic wrap so my daughter couldnt get to the boob. She would search and for a few days but she eventually gave up. She was 2 and 1/2


My nephew weaned himself off at I think 10 months.

Just stop. No is final, not a negotiable. He will cry and throw fits but he will get over it.


I weaned my daughter at 15 months. One day woke up and put apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball on my breast. She tried to nurse, I told her it was yucky. That mamas milk is old now because she’s too big. She was mad the first day or two and then got over it.


Cold turkey…my son was like that too. I just couldn’t do it when he lifted my shirt up in the mall nope…done.


So a nurse I use to work with had a genius method to get her toddler to wean- put vinegar on your nipples. Let them dry (obviously) before he nurses. Then when he questions the taste, talk about how mom’s milk stops tasting good when he becomes a big boy and doesn’t need it anymore.


Just stand up for the rest of your life so he cant reach ur boobies :rofl::rofl: no but seriously get him some pediasure and give it to him in one of thoes “no spill” cups with the silicone feeling top…hell get over it…mainly because they come in chocolate,strawberry and vanilla…let him sleep with the cup who cares…its not like hes gonna be 30 sleeping with a sippy cup…and if he is oh well you did your best :rofl::rofl:


if it is Time to stop , stop
Baby will eat and drink milk once he she knows you are done