How can I get my toddler used to a swimming pool?

I just recently got a 15ft wide pool and my two year old doesn’t like it. He also doesn’t care to swim in a lake either. He loves the bath though. My older kids loves swimming. Also we go to my parents lake house a lot during the summer. Any tips on how to get him used to a pool/ lake?


First don’t try to force him in the pool he maybe scared. second the best thing to do is to just have him dip his feet in every once in awhile to get use to it

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Its normal my daughter still has struggles shes 5 she just willing to go in bigger pools but no beach or lakes yet

Try a smaller one. My daughter did the same thing. Big pools are intimidating for little ones. Start smaller then work ur way up!

If it’s an option for you, my toddler is much more comfortable in pools after being signed up for swimming lessons

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It will take time, it’s probably because he can’t reach the bottom. Honestly it’s just trying and trying and trying .

Infant Swim and Rescue lessons!!! Will help your child be comfortable and, most importantly, safe in all bodies of water! Check it out online-

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Definitely start with a kiddie pool so he’s not intimidated (we have one of those blue plastic ones). You can also try warming the water up; either leave it in the sun for awhile if you have a hot sunny day, or, as I do here in Seattle, add some buckets of hot tap water to the cold hose water. I try to make it a little cooler than bath water. A kiddie pool doesn’t take as long to heat it up, and it makes all the difference in the world! By the time it starts cooling down he’s already used to it. I also throw a lot of his favorite bath toys in there, and get in with him. He’s not a huge fan of bright sunlight, so I put the pool somewhere with filtered sunlight and put a big hat on him! Just don’t force it on him…if nothing else, have him splash around in it with his hands like it’s a water table. Eventually he’ll just crawl right in!


I took my son to the lake a couple weeks ago and he was not having it. I held him and went into the water and he calmed down and enjoyed himself after that. He even went off on his own where he could stand. I felt like a total moron though for forgetting his life jacket so someone was always right near him in case he ever fell over or something


We started at the river just putting their feet in then the swimming pool but I get in their with my 2 boys so they can feel comfortable

Play with him in the water. Hold him and swish him around and show him how fun playing in the water could be. My daughter is like this but she’s almost 2. I have to hold her in the water with me and play together so she can feel better. But she prefers being in the shoreline better and moving around playing with the dirt or sand and throwing them in the water

Hold him don’t rush him or will never get use to it. Will he if you put a life vest on? Still don’t force him into the water. Can he touch the bottom? I play games like tippy toe on the bottom and hold him under his arms and have him jump out of the water. Then have him bend his knees so he slowly gets his mouth in the water. If you make a game it’s not so scary. We started in the bathtub. He will hold his breath and put his face in the water. We found a mask helped in the pool. Made a game throwing a toy in watching it sink eventually he put his face right in the water didn’t even realize it. But when he was ready. Try to force it he freaked out. Started in the pool holding him just getting his feet wet. Then I could get a little more. Then I could get on my knees holding him. It took a lot of time

Swimming arm bands Avery good life jacket it’s because he can’t touch the bottom just hold him swim around the only one hand next thing he’ll be out splashing most important is to reassure you won’t let anything happen to him

Give him is time and space to explore the water. If you try to rush him he could end up being afraid. Reassure him you are there and won’t let anything happy. Show him how much fun it is, and include while also respecting his limits and his confidence grows so will his limits. Just be patient. Also he might not like the temp of the water it might be to cold for him.

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My kid hates the water (except baths) until he was 3. I just brought him toys/playpen and kept a cold washcloth around his neck to keep him cool. Now he’s 14 and loves swimming/fishing… I wouldn’t try to trick him or push him into it… he will just start one day.

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Does he wear glasses? My niece was the same way, her glasses were taken off for the pool and the lake. We got a strap to hold them on when she went to the pool and lake and she was a totally different kid. Loves the water now

Maybe he dont like the cold water. The bath is warm. And imagine the difference in the pool or lake compared to the bath. Its twice as large to him as it is to you. Maybe hes just too young to enjoy it now…

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Let him go at his own pace. Get lots water toys. He’ll eventually love it.

i had my older kids engage him a game he likes in the water. took about 30 min and he is loving the water

Also ask the older kids to be easy on him like no splashing at first . He will get it one on one with you help a lot😀