How can I get my toddlers to go to sleep instead of run around?

I have two toddlers around the same age who share a bedroom. One of who is only here half the week. When they are both here, we cannot get them to go to bed; they scream and throw fits, or get out of bed to run and play. Bedtime takes about 3 hours, and we don’t know what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


When my daughter doesn’t have it, like last night, she is still up when I leave for work at 4:30 am!

Read to them while they are in bed…buy each of them a oversized stuffed dog and make a routine at bedtime that the doggy is tired so hug your doggy while I read you a nice story…pat your doggys back too…worked fof our grandkids…


No to melatonin!
My boy gets amped up at night. I read to him and it calms him down and ready for sleep.

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Make some consequences

Don’t use melatonin daily as they can become reliant on it, but it is good for occasionally

Stairgate on the door so they can’t wander then strict bedtime routine maybe a reward chart

No tv or electronics after bath time made a huge difference with mine.

Tire them out before bath/bedtime. After they have a calming bath, they should go to sleep easier

Stagger bed time… or like Supper Nanny… back to bed technique…

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Separate them. Or alternate bed times.

When you say toddler what ages are we talking?

Melatonin gives me nightmares. Why not sent the toddler who’s home all week with the other?

I gave up making my toddler take naps after spending months fighting with her to sleep. Since she hasn’t been taken naps, she goes to sleep very quickly at night.

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Routine! Bath time, brush teeth, read a book , go to sleep. And if they toddlers, they should be going to sleep early like 7.
And try not to give them naps.

Put toys up so they have nothing to play with. We have toy chests and use the closet for bigger toys.

Melatonin body wash & lotion

Put in bed the first time. Say good night give hugs and kisses and walk out. When they get up walk in, say nothing pick up put back in bed, no eye contact and walk out. Do over and over. It could take 20 minutes ut could be hours. Dont give in. When you do they win. Be consistent


Tell them its bed time 3 hours sooner :laughing: they can play til they wear themselves out

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Bedtime routine, start early