How can I get my two year old off liquids at night time?

How can I get my two-year-old off the bottle? And off liquids (juice/milk) at night? My daughter won’t get off her Avent bottle. What are some of your favorite sippy cups that DONT leak? And by doing leak, I mean you can throw it as many times, and it won’t spill. Also, what can I do about my daughter’s drinking habits? She will wakeup literally six times six night for juice or milk and if I give her water she will throw a tantrum and won’t go back to bed until I give her what she wants… please help im a single mother who is so tired and needs advice!


Start slowly diluting her juice with water. And gradually add more after a few times. And eventually just put water. I hope it works momma. I went through this with my 2 year old.

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Let her cry herself to sleep


Start by giving her a drink with her meal at the table during the day. Try to enforce leaving it on the table, not carrying it around. Teach her that eating and drinking is done there, not in bed.

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Keep saying no simples she dont like it then tough


Stop giving in. Let her cry. She’ll never magically stop if all she has to do is a cry to end up with what she wants. Kids are smart - you have to be stubborn


Have a talk with her that it’s one sippy cup at bedtime. No refills bc mommy is sleeping. Don’t cave. Be strong good luck!

Munchkin with the flexible straws

Stay strong let her cry it out. A sip of water and that’s it momma.

Throw it away and don’t get anymore smh she’s a child. Be the parent


Tell her she will never be potty trained :roll_eyes::smile::woman_facepalming: if she doesn’t stop drinking 3 hours before bed time :relieved: I’ve potty trained 5 , my one daughter was only 15 months. Also throw all bottles out when they start walking :smile: you will definitely rot her teeth out at that rate.

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Two years old and still using a bottle is the first issue

My only advice is to cut cold turkey. It’ll be a rough week or two then she’ll be fine

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Quit giving her a bottle cold turkey and no drinks after bed time its gonna be exhausting and ur gonna be tired for a couple nights but she’s gonna get the point after that the key is to not give in to her demands she knows if she cries she gets what she asked for as soon as she realizes crying ain’t helping she will give up
Stay strong momma :heart_eyes:

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Every child is different. My daughter just got off the bottle after her 3rd birthday. Just make sure you’re brushing their teeth.

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The NUK sippy cup is the best

Get the thermos bottles . Seal tight . I hate bottles so I switched to sippy cups right away

Don’t give it to her. She can have water or have nothing. Having juice or milk at night is actually very bad for their teeth anyway. If she’s thirsty water is the best choice. If she doesn’t want it then she’s really not thirsty so she needs to go back to bed


Yikes, I’d start with offering an open cup at seated meal times. This is what we did at 10 months. For around the house or travel, we got a weighted straw cup and that cannot be spilled.

Water down the juice and milk slowly each day until it’s basically just water or make your own fruit water at the very least by adding some fresh fruit into a cup with water. But ultimately, kids will drink what they see you drinking. Do you have healthy habits?


Let her cry it out. She has to learn to sooth herself


We put in a couple rough nights when we did it . I would only offer water. She quit waking looking for it .