How can I get my two year old to stop biting their nails?

Does anyone have any issues with their two-year-old nail-biting? She may or may not (she totally did) have learned it from me. Any tips on how to get her to stop? I have the bad-tasting nail stuff for me, but she still prefers to use her fingers. TIA


At almost 25 I still have this habit, it’s mainly from anxiety. The nail stuff never worked for me. The only way was to consistently have fake nails but I still played with my nails constantly. The only suggestion I have is like a fidget cube or spinner to keep her hands busy. It’s a hard habit to break for sure.

I’m 31 and I still have the habit of biting my nails… maybe try painting her nails I’ve been told it helps but I don’t have a daughter so idk

I’m almost parents tried everything…mabey don’t make a big deal about it?’s a nervouse habit and may make it worse if you add to the issue. You could always try just getting fake nails for her…that way it’s a postitive and not a negative.

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She’s still young if it continues the only way I got my son to stop was by telling him about the germs under his nails it freaked him out

Good luck… my almost five year old does it and we can’t break it.

Please just leave them alone. My parents acted like it was a huge character defect and tormented me over it.

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Good luck my daughter has been doing this since she was 2 and now she is 11 and I still do it and I’m 30

Can you give her something else to chew? I hate really bad snacking habits that I developed trying to break myself from this habit. I finally found this awesome tactile necklaces that are food grade silicone. They’re considered child safe and I chew on mine when I feel restless.

My 5 yr old got really bad with it that her fingers would bleed. The only thing that worked was the no bite stuff. It tastes awful hut I only had to use it for a few weeks and she stopped.

Nail polish worked for mine. Pretty nails are to look at not eat :joy: she had a box and we’d paint them a couple times a day sometimes but she didn’t bite them anymore.

I’m 31 years old I had bit my nails for as long as I could remember, they were always sore and definitely didnt look good, very self conscious. I purchased nail biting polish from Ella+Mila and I swear it’s a miracle in a bottle. I have nails that I have wanted for 25 years and it’s all from that bottle. My 8 year old started to bite her nails and I would put that on her every time I saw her chewing. I’m serious its definitely worth it!!

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I am 34 and still bite mine, my 7 year old also does. I did make her a deal, don’t bite your nails until a certain time and we will go get manicures and pedicures

My daughter had a habit of doing this and when she was 2, she bit too far and bit the skin at the side, she ended up having surgery on her finger as it got infected and turned black. After it healed I was told there was something out there that is very vile but which will either work like a god or she’ll never get out the habit. it’s a sponge you dip their nails into and it tastes vile! :nauseated_face:. After trying everything else and failing, I went and bought it, I only used it once and I can honestly say, shes 6 now and never bitten her nails again :rofl::see_no_evil:

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Just stop yourself and lead by example. Mine picked it up from me as well but once I stopped she saw my gorgeous nails and I’d remind her she was doing it and it’s completely faded for years now! That do as I say not as I do shit doesn’t work🤷‍♀️ And worse comes to worse you at least get to show them you’re process of changing your bad behaviors and then when they are ready they know what/ how to do it

I bit my nails my whole life. When my daughter was a toddler she started to do it as well. I showed her a video of the “Germies” that live under your fingernails and get in your mouth when you bite them. Let’s just say neither of us have bit our nails in over 10 years since that day :wink: it’s pretty gross

Ive tried it all. Putting nail polish. Using that stuff on them that is like a sour no bite. If they’re going to do it they will do it no matter what. I’ve stopped before but I’m back at it again myself. If they’re not biting them so bad they’re bleeding then leave them alone. I mean you just admitted you do it.

Following… My daughter is also 2 and a nail biter! I’m not sure how to try to make her stop. I get concerned by the way they look at times. Skin around the nails peeling and red cuticles… :flushed:

If anyone finds a way please let me know. I’m 40 and still have this terrible habit. So gross :persevere:

I got my nails painted pretty. ($3 for a little girl about 1970) Then I didn’t want to bite them, making them ugly. Took a couple weeks… but I did it. Fifty years later have beautiful long nails.