How can I get over the fear of leaving my son with a babysitter for the first time?

I need advice from other mothers on going out on a date with your boyfriend/or husband after having a kid. My son is currently four months and my boyfriend, and I haven’t gone out on a date since he’s been born. I don’t trust many people to babysit because he is young, and he’s our first baby. I do want to go out on a date and spend some time alone with my boyfriend, but it’s just hard for me to trust someone to babysit. Our son is also exclusively breastfed, and he hates drinking from the bottle, so I don’t want someone trying to feed him and him just crying his head off and refusing the bottle. I just want some advice on how to get over my fear of leaving him in the hands of someone else or at least be ok for a couple of hours.

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Why not have a date night at home? Have a nice meal or a take out if you don’t want to cook, even get dressed up if you want too! Put baby to bed and enjoy some quality time. If bubba is an unsettled baby then have some one there to do the fussing and you enjoy yourself but you’re there for feeding… it’s what I’d do :slightly_smiling_face: it’s nothing fancy, but it’s still quality time together until you’re ready


The baby will be fine. You absolutely need adult time. Happy mom=happy baby.

Your little dude will be okay!


If you figure it out let me know. My LO is 14months, I’m a SAHM and I only leave him with one of his grandmas and only for 2-3hrs max and its usually when I have an appointment or something. I have a hard time trusting people with my kiddo. Im having 2nd baby in march and no idea how I am going to handle being separated from my little boy. :disappointed_relieved:


It takes time. For your first time out just go for 30-60 min and leave him with a close friend or family member. That protective instinct is in you for a reason don’t feel bad about it.

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I had to work out of town when my daughter was 6 weeks old, also exclusive breastfed at that time. My mom watched her, first 2 feedings, Layla wouldn’t eat, but then it just clicked that mom wasn’t around so bottle was just fine. Maybe start with family or a very close friend?

Try having a sitter/ friend/relative come in for a couple hours with you there. Then have them sit with him while you run for milk. Increase the time a little but every week. He will feel comfortable with them and so will you.


Mine is 2 and i still struggle with this and im pregnant with another one it helps to have someone you know / trust its not going to make it easier but it does help some

My daughter is 15 months and has yet to be left in the care of anyone else.

Bring the sitter in while you are home. Show them the lay of the land and how your baby likes things done. Start off by letting the babysitter stay for an hour while you grab a nap or a long bath. And when are comfortable maybe try leaving them while you run to the grocery store and work your way up to the date night


I started interviewing babysitters before my girl was born because I knew I’d be going back to school four months after she was born. Once I picked one I liked, we had my in laws watch the baby for a few times so I could get used to being without her. When I dropped her off with the sitter so I could go to classes I asked for constant updates and pictures to ease the loneliness and see how little girl was settling in. It just takes time and trust. Eventually it got to the point that I looked forward to those date nights because I knew I didn’t have anything to worry about anymore. Good luck mama!

I have no answer. I just had to do it and it got easier over time. She didn’t take a bottle at first and it was a struggle when I went back to work, but I had a close friend babysit who helped bottle break her. I also visited on lunch to feed her. It takes some time, but they adjust. It’s all about having a sitter you trust.

Do a trial run. leave the baby with the sitter for 15-30 minutes a few times first.

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