How can I get rid of head lice?

My six year old daughter may have gotten lice from school. I have not had the time to look as I’ve been super busy. If I do find lice, what are some ways to get rid of them. Also, what do I do about school I should keep her out until it’s gone right? Then what about the kid who gave it to her. Wouldn’t they just give it to her again??


I’ve used tea tree oil, then comb it out.
Only thing I found that worked


Their not something to put off! They spread like wild fire and if you don’t take care of them asap they can be very hard to get rid of! My kids just got lice from a local game place and a small fortune, 3 treatments, tons of laundry and daily combing we got rid of them, but their terrible


Id bring it to the school attention, i know where we live the school does checks themself and calls the parents of the children they find lice on, also white conditioner put on the hair dry anc combed out with a nit comb will help alot depending on age of child


U need to report it to the school so they can do Lice checks on the kids. Also but the rid shampoo at your local drug store or pharmacy . Wash all bedding and stuffed animals. Throw away brushes combs. Hair ties too. Wash hats clothes every thing you and child had close contact with hair. I feel like I’m forgetting something but I’m sure other people will comment on here.


Wow seriously your daughter might have lice but you’ve been to busy to check and find out for sure


Drug store lice treatment and do it asap! You can’t be too busy to treat your child’s head. You can’t let her go back to school usually until someone in the office checks her head.


Licefree spray worked great for my daughters hair :slightly_smiling_face:

Call the school and let them know about the live and you need to start treating it now. Nothing else matters. We did mayonnaise and vinegar hair washes. Then got lice shampoo the next day. Washed her her with it every day till there was none left


Yes its a constant battle do her hair real good and wash it with tree tea oil especially if she has long hair it is hard to get rid of you have to be diligent and definitely inform the school she was exposed at school so they can check heads


Try pure mayonnaise! It works!!


Maybe the mum of the kid that gave them to her has dealt with it promptly


But you weren’t too busy to post on Facebook. Doesn’t even make sense.
Anyway…the ONLY way I got rid of it with my daughter was heat. Blow dry her hair every day AND flat iron it. I tried everything else on earth and this was the only thing that worked.


Here kids aren’t allowed to go to school with lice, or rather they aren’t supposed to. I used the RID lice spray treatment. They have one for hair and one for furniture and carpets. Get both. Launder all the bedding too. And tell the school, so they can do a lice check for everyone else! That’s what my school did when someone came and started spreading it. Anyone who had it had to go home until it was gone. Seriously how have you not made time for that?? It’s really not something to put off. Those buggers multiply like CRAZY.


Do you brush her hair? A quick look by the ears and back of the head while doing so is super easy and takes about two minutes. It’s a shame that you’re not concerned to look especially since she is attending school!


You will have to be on top of this it takes time.and work but u can get rid of it

How r u too busy for your child?


Everything that is cloth material needs to be washed in hot water, or put in a black garbage bag, tied off for two weeks (stuffed animals, bean bag chairs ect). Lice and a pain to get rid of, especially if they have laid eggs. Loce treatment and a fine brush or see if you have a place near you that gets does treatment. Loce like CLEAN hair, I would recommend hair in a pony with hairspray.

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If you are not too busy to be asking how to get rid of it then u obviously have time to check your daughter hair…


Too busy to check?! WOW