How can I get rid of head lice?

Replace all of the hair brushes too!

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: If you haven’t put 2 minutes in to check your child for lice I doubt you’ll put in the work it’s going to take to get rid of them :expressionless: Enjoy your new bug friends :woman_facepalming:t3: Poor kid


My mom always did mayo

Tea tree oil and listerine

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Call the school. Have them check all the students in there class. Or have them send home a notice for them to check there kids over.


Tea tree oil shampoo
Call your pediatrician and wash her hair
Spray every thing with lysol before she leaves for school fix her hair then spray it it with hair Spray and fluff

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Get that stuff its like Nix or Rid and then buy the rosemary shampoo you’ll find it right next to it at the drugstore
It’s a white bottle with red lid and they have a shampoo and conditioner and a detangler
Put tea tree oil afterwards.
My son has long curly hair, and he got it 2x in 1 week when he was in tk I was pissed but we got them out

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Vaseline mixed with tea tree oil and a shower cap over night 3 nights in a row thats what my mom did for me and my sisters

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You had the time to make this post but not look through your kids hair? Lmao parent of the year award goes to you sis.


Maybe this person needs to be reported if she is to busy glad it wasn’t and emergency since to busy poor child


Here’s what you do. Straighten her hair. Use your hot iron after combing her hair. Put the comb in alcohol or some sort of solution while you bath her. After shampoo, let her conditioner soak then use a lice comb in the tub. I would drain the bath and turn shower on. Comb out conditioner while asking about her day and what she learned to distract her. Rinse her hair out then get her dried off and wrapped in a towel or something. Then comb again, dry and straighten. Comb it out ever day! For a week, solid. I ran a straightener through my daughters hair for a week. Also, tea tree oil in her conditioner. Just a few drops will prevent lice from being interested in her clean hair.

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Could have checked in the time it took to write this. “Been too busy” how pathetic.


You should look or you’ll get an infestation

Yup sure will. And nowadays they are “not allowed” to send any kids home or notify any parents of it because it can “cause bullying”.

Soak her head in mayo and sleep overnight with a shower cap. Wash everything in super hot water. In the morning wash out the mayo and add some tea tree oil to her hair. Check it now dont wait! It can affect your whole family and when the school finds out, your daughter stays home until its gone!


Lice is like stop what your doing an take care of it. They have shampoo at the store


Vinegar! Then lather her hair in conditioner the acid usually kills them, then they can’t grab on to the conditioner, but you do need to be prepared to this is timely thing, with each process, and by the sounds of it you haven’t got the time to check your child’s hair yet you post it on here, how do you know it wasn’t your kid that gave another headline if you haven’t been checking? :woman_shrugging:


There’s Nix treatments. I’ve done those and then followed with an overnight coconut hair mask the next day and it’s done great! Using a rosemary or tea tree mint shampoo helps to keep them away

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Usually I don’t comment if I feel some type of way about the post. But… How in the world will you have time to read the hundred replies you are about to get, if you can’t take 2 seconds to check her. I mean if you check and shes good, all these people are wasting their time giving you advice.
And you are wasting all this time to read all the advice. When you could simply take 2 seconds to look.
This is so silly.


My grandma smothered my hair in mayo. Wrapped in grocery bag and sent me to play. Don’t forget to clean or get new brushes.