How can I get the bio mom to stop contacting me?

I’m dealing with a toxic bio mom, long story short, I stepped in and started communicating with her because she and bio dad(my husband) can’t get along, but I’ve just had enough of being the evil stepmom. How do I tell her to stop communicating with me and start communicating back with him?


Next text… Please contact X from this point on. I need to step back from the situation “send” BLOCK and dont take calls from any number you dont know.


Tell her that you think it’s best if she contacts him directly. You could always block her number Or have it forwarded to your husbands number


Ouch that sucks . Bio mom needs to try harder . And mediation with all of you is best . So do a group one with you and him and her?

If you are step mom then you and your husband should really be communicating with her. But if you really need a break, " hey i can’t talk today, super busy day, but you can text husband, i know he’s not up to much today."


Just say it’s becoming too much for you & you would rather have them talk to each other

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Block her from your phone. Social media. Etc.

Tell her you are before you do it. Explain your boundaries. Then tell her to talk to your husband. Then block her!


Block her and she will get the point :woman_shrugging:

Do as I do and back off a bit! Let them handle their child and if they need help they will let you know!
I got tired of being the evil step mom years ago

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I had the same situation recently. I told her its not working and that she needs to talk to my husband going forward. I blocked her on all social media platforms and when she does text(only once so far) I didnt respond.

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Block her. Stop responding to her. You are not obligated to be the go-between with your husband & his ex. He needs to put his big boy panties & learn to co-parent.

I would speak to my husband and tell him he needs to take care of the situation with his ex and children. Explain that they are the ones that need to work it out since these children are theirs. Tell the ex if she needs to discuss anything from now on she needs to talk directly to there father. Also if there are pick ups and drop offs he needs to do them. Block his wife from your phone. Good luck and God bless.

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Tell her to never contact you again, block her, and save any further attempts to contact you as proof so you can go to court for a no contact order. They are adults. It’s on them to communicate and it shouldn’t be your problem nor should you have to be the middle man.

Get counseling with her for the sake of the kids and Your sanity. Someone else in authority has to be able to tell her certain boundaries. Coming from you or him will only sound like Charlie brown’s teacher


I deal with both baby mamas cause all they do is try to play with hubbys feelings so he said i should deal with them less stress also in our relationship cause when he use to talk to them they would not respect me or our relationship …and i told them straight the boundaries and my terms and if it aint about the child you don’t call or text

It’s not your responsibility to deal with her. It’s your mans. He had the child with her therefore they need to both act like adults. He can take her to court and have visitation, child support, etc…handled. If she doesn’t obey the rulings then she will get in trouble.


“I’m no longer okay with being the go between. You need to contact (bio dad) from now on. I will be supportive of what you two discuss but will not be answering calls or texts anymore.”
Then don’t.


“I’m just trying to help the situation. But if you can’t compromise or be respectful. You can go back to dealing with [insert hubby’s name]. This is something I’m doing to try and make things better and easier. And it’s obviously unappreciated”
Or something like that.


Depending on your provider, you can go into your settings and have her number forwarded to his. I had to do it with our insurance company, they kept calling me instead of my husband, even after telling them multiple times to deal with him not me. Solved my problem!


“Do not contact me again.”
And if she won’t stop then you call the police for phone harassment. You have zero obligation to have contact with her.

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