How can I get the courage to leave my boyfriend?

Just found out a couple of days ago my boyfriend and kids father has been talking to and maybe more with someone else behind my back. How can I get the strength and courage to leave? Help, please.


Simple, ask yourself is this the example you wanna show to your kids? If the answer is no, get your things and leave.


Strength and courage? No, all you need is money and to want to leave. Everything else will follow.

Just grab your kids and go. They deserve to see their mom being treated nicely.


You just have to simply pack your shit, be done and don’t go back.

Respect matters. Loyalty matters too. If you are able to leave immediately, do it. Sometimes it’s not that simple, but continue to put yourself first, take it one day at a time while you plan your exit.

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You are worth more than to be treated that way. You deserve happiness and respect and you are showing your children how to treat their loved ones and how to allow people to treat them when you put up with that kind of stuff. It will be hard but staying will be harder. And will just prolong the inevitable. I wish you all the strength in the world.

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He doesn’t see your worth. It’s it worth staying?

Is it that you don’t have the courage or are you too dependant on him for survival? Coursge is easily found it you look to yourself for happiness and become emotionally aware and strong. If you’re dependant then you need to sell counseling or therapy and get the guidance you need to move on.


Nobody wants to act like adults and figure out what went wrong for him to do that? Two sides to every story and the first answer shouldn’t be to pack and leave. Thats his kid too :woman_facepalming:.


You don’t need courage and strength. You need to know your worth. Then you’ll know what you need to do and will get it done. Best of luck


Kick him out say ur done! Don’t give second chances he will do it again!

Why do you think that there are so many women with children are living just mom and the kids. Very few men can look after themselves because mothers have coddled their sons and need a woman to look after them


Just leave… Idk what you can do tbh but he clearly doesn’t care soo why should you. I know that’s easier said than done but I definitely would want to stay where I want or didn’t feel welcome.

Strength and courage aren’t immediate. If what you really want is to leave, then leave. The strength and courage will happen afterwards. Gotta take a leap of faith first. Hugs.


Honestly this kind of situation can have different outcomes, you can either talk with him about it, if you talk to him about it he could nip that in the bud. And it may never happen again. Or you talk to him about it and if he continues to do what he pleases and disregards you, then I would make a decision to leave. My SO cheated in the past, I gave him the opportunity to make it right with me and cut all ties with that person, and he chose to cut all ties with that person. We were together for almost 3 years, then cheated in that 3rd year, gave him another chance, and now we’ve been together for almost six years and married for almost 3 years, with no issues since.

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Realize you deserve better and leave. You obviously already know you need to leave, so do it. Strong or not, walk away and don’t let someone make you feel the way this guy is making you feel. You’re worth more than that.

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Wait till you get the tax return. Wait till YOU are good and ready. Dont let his bad choices become the reason you make a dramatic thoughtless exit. Plan things carefully take your time and get a job lined up and a place to stay. You can do this. You deserve to be loved in entirety! Your kids deserve to be loved completely.


Your strength and courage are your kids.

Umm get up and leave…:tipping_hand_woman:t2::woman_shrugging:t2: