How can I get the smell of smoke out of my house?

We currently sold out house and moved into a rental until we buy or build a house. My kid’s room reeks of pot. I currently have two air filters running and have an air freshener plug in, and I can’t get the smell out. What can I do? I am afraid the smell is going to get on my kid’s clothes or cause my kids to smell like it. I think the neighbors are smoking, and to each their own but I don’t want to smell it. Not sure what to do at this point.


Cook 2lbs of bacon! And you’ll be good to go :+1:t3:


If you go to Walmart you can buy the air freshener called Ozium usually helps take over other odors

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Vinegar in a pot sit for 24 hours

If you have a house attached to your house it could be coming through the wall from the neighbours :disappointed:


We use a spray at our hotel to get smoke/pot smells out. They sell it at Lowe’s it works amazing! Smoke be gone, I believe it’s called.

I’ve never known that smell to linger like that…


Ozium… can purchase at Walmart

Odoban might work…you can get it at Walmart

Smoke clings to wallpaper, carpets , curtains , literally to anything

Change the air filters on the furnace… air out the kids room, scrub the walls w vinegar and contact the landlord…


Is your kid a teenager?


Poor some coffee beans in a vase or something and sit it in the room for a couple days. I’ve heard they absorb other odors🤷‍♀️ Worth a shot

Don’t live in a rental


Go to dollar general store and get a dollar can of smoke out air freshener. It will take it out. Or paint the room

Sprinkle Baking soda on the carpet and let set for 30 min, vacuum. Magic erasers on the walls

You have to clean the walls and ceilings. Wash the curtains and so on. Only way to get odors out of a house. Don’t add more odors to it. Eg. Frying bacon. Lol

Smoke Odor brand spray!!! It’s so fast and pungent. You can find it at just about any tobacco outlet, at least that’s the only places I’ve ever seen them. I’m sure Amazon has them as well.

Put vinegar in a dish and set it out

You will probably have to wash all the walls and ceiling. If you have carpet then get the carpet steam cleaned. Wash all soft surfaces. That pet deodorizer carpet stuff works for carpet.

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