How can I go about getting child support?

I’d like some advice please, I have a 6 & 7 yr old with my ex. We are not on good terms…When we decided to split up I agreed to let him live in the house I put a loan for, temporarily, while he builds his credit up and no child support. I moved back to my parents to finish school and work part time. Long story short, throughout the breakup and moving…his parents & my parents said I need to ask him for child support, but I knew he couldn’t afford it and he needed to get back on his feet. So a year later I decided to sell the house in order to take the loan off my name…The ex wasn’t happy about it since that wasn’t part of our “agreement” but things change within a year. And now I’m thinking of asking for child support…how do I go about it?


Simple! Did you make them on your own?


Just go to your local child support enforcement office and they will walk you through the steps and they will base the amount of child support you get on the fathers income


Approach the court for a modification of the agreement, if it’s in writing. If it isn’t in writing, sell the house, evict the tenant, and count yourself blessed to have survived.


you will go to Human Services.

Department of Human Resources in your state.

child support isn’t about you!! its about the kids… he needs to do his job as a parent… stop feeling sorry for him…


Get a solicitor and also set out visitation rights and guardianship while you are at it… you dont know what’s around the corner so have it all done…best of luck x

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Call your child support office they will help you.

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Court. Don’t even think about his feelings.


Google the Child Support Services in your state lots of information. Also if nothing was documented about your verbal agreement you may be entitled to back support. Don’t allow this to continue as child support is about the children not the comfort of your ex

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Children needs trump that agreement.

You guys can go in and make an agreement on it

Contact children’s services r welfare they deal legally with it daily -or-go to free legal aide n ask then you’re safe n get positive legal advice maybe even filing through them ?

don’t deal with him, go with a lawyer /councillor/court and make it legal .
he is the father of the children, so whether he comes up or not with the money is his problem , not yours.

Don’t let him get away with it and if is in writing is better as you have to deal with 12 more years of this and your parents can help only so much and looks like you are bending backwards for him… if it was the other way around you would have to pay .

Contact family services in your state. You will have to go to court to get an agreement in writing.

Go to court…common sense will tell you that


Call the child support office they will give you all the information you need.

Child support is based off of both parents income and the visitation. I encourage to contact the Child Support enforcement dept. State laws vary and child support is a stickler.


There’s not much to explain here. Go down to the courthouse and file for child support. You also need to file as the Primary custodial parent if the kids are living with you. If you want to be nice you can tell him you’re filing also, because you need to money. Simple!