How can I go about getting child supprt from someone I don't know how to contact?

Me and my so split up a while back, and we both were seeing other people. After we got back together, we found out I was pregnant. The due date lined up with so, but it was only two days before me, and another guy got together. After the baby was born, we got a DNA test done with my so and came back, not his. The only other option is one other guy. I did talk to the other guy during my pregnancy and let him know about the baby. He said if it was his, he wanted to be apart of his life. Now he’s back with his long term gf, and his GF reached out to me after the baby was born. Once I showed her the dna results of my so she had stopped replying and claims the other guy doesn’t have minutes and comes up with every excuse she can on why he can’t talk to me. She claims to show him all of our messages and pics of the baby. They also have a baby together, and she claimed she wanted the siblings to be apart of each other lives. I don’t know how to get a hold of him as i don’t have his number and when i look him up on Facebook only his old Facebook pops up. My so wants me to file child support on him but i don’t know his number, where he works or where he lives now that he’s back with his gf.


File it with the court and they’ll serve him, you don’t have to.


You have his name. File with the court. You also know his girlfriend’s name…they will find him.


When you file with DHS all they need is date of birth,full name and give them the old info y do have,they will find hin


I had to have his address.

Maybe he has you blocked, what’s his name?


File with court. Stop playing his girlfriends game.


Yes stop with the gf


Go to the child support office. Give them all the information you know about him, including his girlfriends contact information. They will find out for you.


Apply for TANF…They will find him fast Lol.


Yeah they can’t do anything until he’s served and if he don’t have an address it just takes longer to try n track him down . So it’s a process for sure

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Go to your child support office & file. They’ll ask you his info. Just say you don’t know. Tell them what you can. Do it asap. Once he’s found to be the father his child support will go back to the day you filed. So even if it’s 2, 5, 10 years from the day you file they find him you will be entitled to a big pay out. Him hiding will hurt him in the future. Don’t send pictures or say anything to his gf or him about CS. Don’t share pictures of baby. If he wants to be in her life hell file for rights.


Try doing a people search online. I cant remember which sites exactly but sometimes you can find the most recent address will come up

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Go to csea and file for location of absent parent. If they have to theyll serve him a court mandate for a paternity test and start getting child support after paternity has been established

Child support (state office) will find his employer through his social security number. Payroll will be garnished. He will also have to pay for the DNA test.


You don’t need to know where he is. The state will find him. They will find him ASAP if you file for TANF (that’s money from the government to go towards your child) stop talking to that gf of his.


Child support will find him!

Child support will find him

Well she sounds nice atleast, that’s neat of her to allow the two to know eachother! Some moms are so against that

You only need to know his name. The state would like an address, DOB or phone number but they’re pretty good at their jobs. Also use White pages. If you know his name and his new GF they have to be at some address. You may even find a family member that you can contact to get his address or phone number. White pages can also give you a phone number for him. Do you want to get real into it, you could look at his old Facebook, look up one of his friends, and send him a message! Tell them he’s got a baby you don’t think he knows anything about and you’re trying to reach him and bet how fast that friend gets in touch!