How can I go about terminating my exes parental rights?

It’s been seven years that my two children’s biological father hasn’t had anything to do with them; they are 6 and 7 years old. The biological father’s family has been involved in their lives but never him, never child support or anything from his end. I’m getting married and would like to do a stepparent adoption; this is the only Dad that they actually have known since they were 2 and 3. My main question is if anyone has gone through something similar and if it was hard to terminate parental rights for adoption. I’ve had lawyers tell me to contact the biological father to ask if he will willingly give up rights but not so sure how that would go. Please keep anonymous, We’ve never had paternity and he’s not on the bc. I also tried contacting when they were younger, and he would never keep contact or make any appearances, I made an attempt a few times and gave up on it, so my children’s feeling wouldn’t be hurt anymore


Since he isn’t on the bc he doesn’t have any Rights


As far as im aware he has no rights if hes not on bc he would have to prove hes the father via dna test and then he would have to fight via courts to have any kind of rights if he wanted them x


You would have to petition the court, say how it would be in the kids best interests, and their biofather would have to appear in court and willingly give up his rights. You ca. Tey and fight how he hasnt been in their lives however if he shows up and says he wants to be the court will.not your favor

Do what your lawyer said. It’s easier if they do it willingly. If he says no they can file under abandonment laws if it’s been a year of no visits no child support and no contact. Then it’ll be done automatically


If it were me, I would ask the father if he wanted to give up parental rights or pay 7 years of back child support plus ongoing support for another 12 years. Send the request via a lawyer so he knows t


I wouldn’t think he had any rights either.

I would think it would be easier for them to terminate without his help actually. One year with no support or no contact is enough for the court to terminate his rights. You will need his address though. They will have to serve him papers and give him his right to show up in court and disagree if he wants to. He doesn’t have to show, they just have to serve him with the papers. If he agrees to it, they will make him take classes and meet certain requirements to make sure he understands what he’s doing. It’s not just as simple as him singing a piece of paper but it’s also not impossible

File for child support and then he will probably suggest giving up his rights. Most courts will not terminate parental rights without a substantiated abuse case.

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The birth certificate is just a piece of paper. You could put anyone on it. He needs to willingly terminate his rights. That’d be the easiest. In my state, you’d have to prove that he is the father and terminate rights from there.

Step Parent Adoption process varies from state to state…in California it is a lengthy process, but doable. Most states require a valid marriage license for a minimum of 2 years before the step parent adoption process can start. Hire an attorney, they are worth every penny and know the process thoroughly

Each state is different. In Ohio, even if the father is on the birth certificate, unless married, he has no rights until established paternity test from court. But not all states are the same. In reality only a lawyer will be able to give you the advice you need. You’ll have to go to court. Courts will probably give you zero problems since he’s not on the birth certificate, no child support, no paternity, and he abandoned his children.

The parent must terminate their own rights
They have to sign something terminating his rights.

File for abandonment

Umm listen to what ur lawyer already told you what to do :woman_facepalming:

If they have never established paternity and have proof the father knowingly knew about them and has known your address and number to be able to get ahold of his children then if I were you I would just get a lawyer and prove he’s had the chance but didn’t take it.

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Idk if it’s the same everywhere but my cousin had parental rights stripped from her first baby’s dad after a solid year had passed with no contact or attempt to contact. He had also moved states away so I’m not sure if that played a part. Her now husband had formally adopted her daughter once the parental right of the father were legally stripped.

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If he not on the bc just have the dad who raised them sign with no test!

file abandonment charges

Your best bet is to consult an attorney in your state. They’ll know the regulations for the state that you live in. They vary differently from state to state.