How can I handle my childs ADHD?

Do any mommas have kids with ADHD? I really think my 6-year-old has it. I’ve thought this for a while now. It’s just so overwhelming; I don’t know what to do. He’s not had a diagnosis; I don’t even know how to bring it up to his doctor. He is in kindergarten and is already struggling in school. I’ve been trying my best to work with him at home, and he gets soooo frustrated sooo quickly and wants to give up on the first time of getting something wrong. Not to mention, he’s always in a hurry to get done. When I’m trying to explain something to him, he doesn’t even look at me and is messing with his pencil or a notebook. He’s constantly going 10000 mph; he literally can’t walk in the house, he runs. He runs to whatever room he is going to. He has a three-year-old sister, and everything’s a race to him. Even after I tell him to quit running, a second later, he’s running again. He has these awful tantrums still. He’s six years old now. I thought he would have outgrown the tantrums by now. He gets mad over everything. He has more tantrums than his three almost four-year-old sister. I’m at a loss and feel like a failure. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. He is so very loved by his dad and me. His dad did have ADHD when he was a child too. (Also my brother (his uncle) had ADHD when he was a child, but was never diagnosed, my parents just dealt with it because they didn’t want to medicate him.) Please help. Idk how to handle him anymore. Taking toys, putting him in the corner, time outs, for his behavior don’t work. I’ve tried everything. I reallllllly reallllllly do NOT want to medicate him.


Talk to his doctor. Where I am you have to do X amount of behavior therapy before medication will be given. But the first step is talking to the doctor.

Think of ADHD medication as glasses for your sons brain. They dont change who he is, they’ll just help him think clearer. I wish I had medicated my daughter earlier. I waited until she was 8 and she is still incredibly behind and delayed academically. Im the reason she is delayed and it’s because I selfishly didn’t want to medicate when she genuinely needed it.


Talk to his doctor they can help diagnose him. They can also help put you in the right direction.
My now 7 year old was diagnosed when he was 4 and sometimes it’s easy sometimes its not but getting help is not bad.

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As a non nuertotypical, my suggestion would be firm routines and diet change. Also make sure you don’t over use broad or umbrella terms. Instead of “clean your room” be more specific with tasks in small chunks. Instead say “can you please make your bed and pick your toys and put them where you know they go.”
ADD is a dopamine deficiency. We don’t get that happy hormone release for mundane tasks. Make the little wins more apparent.

Talk to a professional. Soon.

Try eliminating gluten. Gluten makes ADHD symptoms worse. Google ADHD and gluten…

Talk to his doctor about the elimination diet. We are about to start with our autistic 4 year old. He is my little sour patch kid. We’ve also started a behavior chart and reward chart for him to earn rewards.

Go get him diagnosed

I really disagree with the stigma medication has regarding ADHD! It is designed to help them focus and help their brain slow down and process a thought. If he is already struggling with school then depriving him of something that could help him just succeed is not helping him. Talk to your Dr and do legitimate research.


My son was diagnosed at 6 yrs. Same exact behavior. I asked his dr and we went for a evaluation and blood work. My son has add and adhd. We are on a very low dose of meds and he has excelled in school as well as his class. I would go have him tested before it gets worse. Good luck.

Try also paying attention to what he pays attention to. There’s also hyper focus when you’re “in the zone” where it’s hard to stop doing what your doing.

Bring it up with your dr. To be honest the sooner it is recognized the better off he will be. Then he won’t fall behind his peers in learning. Meds are not the same as they use to be. They regulate what is unbalanced in the body. There is a study that I have read about that students with adhd take in less from school than a student who is deaf.

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Sometimes medication is the best thing. If he did get diagnosed it’s something he’d have to suffer with without the medicine. All the stories you hear about horrible side effects or completely changing them negatively is because they’re prescribed too high of a dosage because it shouldn’t make you be like that it’s suppose to make it better. So if it comes down to it just make sure he’s on a right dosage

Break down instructions into small bite sized bits for him , maybe get a trampet ( do not get a trampoline they too big and get them too hyped look for local groups in your area who support parents of kids with ADHD and find out as much information about it as possible ( the more you know the more you can help him x raise concerns with your dr and ask for advice x

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I dont know where you are from but around here if the teacher thinks the child has adhd or add they will bring it to your attention. Also. Talk to the childs dr! Just be blunt and ask is there a possibility my child has adhd. Sometimes dr dont see some things or dont notice them because child acts different at dr so start writing down things child does. Also i think meds help some kids and some it makes them a zombie. Also child can go to some sort of extracurricular activities like foot ball, soft ball, karate, basketball, for examples and help them to channel there hyperness and release it in healthy ways. Most the times kids with adhd, add, autism, and other things of that nature just dont understand why they are different and do not know how to use their God given gift! These kids are so special, yes they can be tiring but there is nothing wrong with them, they have a gift of seeing this world in a different light!

Call the doctor and ask for an ADHD assessment…you answer a bunch of questions and they teacher will too…and then at school request and IEP (individualized education program) pretty simple…best and easiest thing I could’ve done to help my son and he was diagnosed at 6

My son who is now 18 was diagnosed when he was 6 with ADHD. As his doctor explained to me … imagine yourself ( I do not have ADHD but my sons dad and my brother had it growing up ) going into a concert and alls you have is drums being pounded on for hours , it drives you nuts and you can’t think straight . That’s how your son feels all the time , he can’t focus at all . Therefore I did put him on medication and it did help and now that he’s older he himself can tell a huge difference when he skips his meds . Just thought I’d share my story and I hope you find your answer . Also normally his teachers will see this in school and most likely will mention it to you normally in 1st grade . Good luck to you

My 6 year old has been diagnosed and medicated going on 6 months now and while we have way more bad days than I’d like to admit, the medication has helped soooo much. I was against meds at first, but then I realized there was no way he was going to be able to flourish in grade 1 without some extra help. I’m so glad he’s medicated. He’s so glad he’s medicated. He told me that the meds help his brain ‘slow down and be quiet’ so he can think better, and when we’re late on a dose (life happens) we both really notice it. Talk to his teachers, while they arent qualified to diagnose, they know kids well. They can help lead you in the right direction, and will likely even help you out by writing down the behavior that notice so that you can compare it to how he behaves at home, and it’s also super helpful so have their notes to bring to your doctor. His kindergarten teachers were the ones who suggested to me that he may need some extra help, so we went to our family doctor, who referred us to a pediatrician, who then referred us to a behavioural therapist.

My son has been on ADHD meds since he was 3 and. Since he turned 5 last year they have tried him on 4 different ones and he still can’t focus and the only one left for us to try is adderall I told hos Dr I didnt want him on it but as now this is my last option but there is medications for kids. That can help just depends on how aggressive the ADHD is my son also has a sleep disorder also so he is on sleep meds