How can I help my 2-month-old with teething?

Hi, my little boy is two months and is bottom teeth are already coming in. I don’t know what to do since he can’t grab most of the toys yet, and most of the pacifiers are too big for his mouth. I’ve read that you can give them crackers or something to help cut the gums to relieve some pressure, but he’s still too young to eat stuff. And I just hate seeing him hurt and I can’t do much about it. So what could I do to help my little one?


Teetha Teething Powder saved us and was literally the only thing that helped my LO.

Baltic Amber teething necklaces

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Pedialyte freezer pops

He may be too young still, but you can try those mesh teething things you put frozen fruits in. Or the amber necklace

Tylenol ibprofun children’s bendryl

Teethers and green onions! They have a natural numbing agent they release when chewed

Put some ice in a cold rag (if the ice is big like mine just get a hammer and break it up) and let him suck on it for a bit I did that the other day with my daughter and it helped a bit

yes teethers and you can hold it while he bites on it

Try rubbing some orajel on them and use either Tylenol or Ibuprofen also

Put a wet wash cloth in the fridge for a little while and then give that to chew on. 2 months is early for crackers

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Freeze a baby was cloth.

knot an adult size face wash cloth wet it freeze let little one bite away

Biccypegs are amazing. Highly recommended x

Amber teething necklace.
Walmart has thus banana shaped teether worked amazing on mine

Talk to your pediatrician

I put a damp washcloth in the freezer for a bit let him suck on whatever part he wishes

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Wet a washcloth and put it in the freezer, let him chew on it.

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Please do not give your 2 month old ibuprofen ONLY Tylenol. Freeze a washcloth and let him chew it.

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Carrots are great for babies teething I used them for my granddaughter