How can I help my 3-year-old learn my native language?

Hi, my family and I speak another language outside of English, but I always felt “uncomfortable” talking to my son in anything other than English. He is 3 and a half years old, and I am wishing I would have taught him sooner. We have family over seas so it’s important that they are able to communicate. We speak one of the most difficult languages in the world, and I’m worried I’m too late and he wont catch on. Any tips or ideas on how to get him to understand and speak in this language? Much appreciated!


Teach him the same way you taught him English. When you’re cooking or doing daily activities start pointing out different things and saying what it is or what you’re doing in your language. He’s still young enough you can teach him a second language.


If he has a favourite show and its available on netflix maybe you can translate the language?

My son is an 8th polish/polski. He’s 7 years old (his great grandad came from poland in ww2 to fight for england as he met someone here…they married and had 7 children here in the uk so grandad is british born) he sometimes changes blaze or paw patrol language to polski.

Never too late to learn a new language.

Or go basic. Like cup bowl cat dog please hi bye etc and use your native tongue then and he’s bound to copy

You should have started that when he came out!!! Why would ever be embarrassed!! Remember you are teaching him that also

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Just talk to him more in that language. He’ll pick it up.

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Just speak the language to you baby, why feel uncomfortable when knowing another language will be beneficial to him later on.

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Just start saying whatever in both languages. Like do you want a cookie then say it in other language.


It’s never too late! Just start with basic words like when you were teaching him to speak English and say his first words. Kids have brains like sponges until 5 years old so I bet you’ll be amazed at how fast he’ll pick up a second language! From there, you just practice with him and soon he’ll be fluent in basic conversation and then you can teach him more advanced words as he gets older. Good luck momma, you’ve got this! :+1::+1::+1:

And that language is… ?

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Three is said to be the best age to start bringing in a second language to teach that’s when their little brains are like sponges… so when your talking maybe say it in English and repeat it in your language…


He is still young an picks things up fast my 4 yr old is learning Spanish now an she picking it up pretty fast

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French immersion in schools starts at preschool age 4 so it’s definitely not too late

At home speak your native language and in public speak english that is how my parents taught me to speak spanish

Everything u say in English say it in the other language right after

If teenagers can learn another language in highschool, then it is not too late for your son to learn another language.

The sooner the better. My mother never spoke to myself or my brothers in spanish and we hold it against her! Good luck momma!

3 to 5 is perfect sponge age to teach a language…you can speak to him in the language…put up flash cards around the house…we started around 3… and is now 6 and is learning 2 other languages…and uses them regularly…

Speak to him daily & maybe make 1 day all Spanish day for instance! Hell retain it! So important to remember our heritage! :heart::heart::heart:

Just start speaking to him in the other language. He’s still young and can catch on easily. My boys are half white half Burmese and their dad speaks to them in Burmese and I speak to them in English. Now that they are older I am teaching them Spanish also. It’s nice to know more than one language, you should never feel embarrassed or anything to speak your native language😘


It is never to late to teach a different language. Easier at a young age then older. When at home, speak to him in your language and he will eventually respond. Maybe not speak, but ubderstand it. If you and your husband speak it he will learn!