How can I help my boyfriend through his loss?

My boyfriend recently lost his mother this past fall, and he is not looking forward to Mothers Day at all. He has brought it up several times that he is dreading the day because it’s going to be hard on him. What do you all think the good idea is to help him get through this? I thought about maybe planning something to get his mind off of it a little, or should I just let him be that day and see how he feels? I also thought about making a little memorable picture cluster for his house, but I have no clue. I am a mom my self and I feel guilty celebrating it this year. I just want him to be happy and try to make this day a little better for him. Thank you!


Take him for lunch at his mom’s favorite place

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Honor his mother. Remember her. Ask his favorite memory about her.

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The first Mothers day is the toughest. I celebrated at the cemetary with my mom. Maybe make him a picture book with photos of his mom, like Snapfish or Shutterfly. Theyre easy to make. Just upload pictures and SF makes a memory book for you.


Just being there for him is the main thing. Having something to take his mind off of it would probably help. It’s nice your trying to be there for him so that will matter most.

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Maybe do something to honor his mother? Could you plant flowers or a tree? Go visit her gravesite and get lunch at her favorite restaurant? Go for a hike/be out in nature?

I lost my brother two years ago and have found the anticipation of the anniversary/his birthday to be worse than the day itself.

I lost my mom last april i wish i had some advise or words of wisdom. It gonna be a hard day


I agree with Marta Miles Huls even on shutterfly you can make a blanket, memory book, shirt, coffee mug, keychain, heck pretty much anything with her picture on it! I’m sure he would be happy if you did that for him.

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What ever you do keep it Lowkey.


Acknowledge that you hear him and know it is a difficult time and then ask him what you can do to make it suck less

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Sorry he loss his mother may she :innocent:watching over them rip

Some people just need to grieve that day. Some people need to be distracted. It’s really hard to give advice in this situation.


Lost my dad , father’s day is going to be hard. I myself just want some time to remember my Pop and grieve .

Visit her grave? A picture collage sounds nice. What’s some food she used to make him that he loved? Could you make it?

Take him and some huge flowers out to see his mom. Tea lanterns.

Ask him what he wants to do.


Honestly just ask him. I lost my Dad last year and did not “celebrate” or do anything special. I just really wanted to forget those days (fathers day and his birthday, he would’ve been 60 and I wanted to plan him a nice party). Just ask him. I know it’s hard to ask but it may hurt his feelings if you do something “extra”. Just ask. I made sure to tell my family this before the days came. They understood.


I lost my daddy August of last year. It’s been almost 9 months and I get it. I’m dreading fathers day. Based on my situation I kinda want to still spend that day Celebrating my daddy and remembering him. It’s healthy to feel the feelings. I say find a way to honor her and still celebrate her. Don’t pry for him to talk about anything let him go through all the emotions that day will bring and let him lead the topics of discussion. If that makes sense.


Make him either his mom’s favorite food or something his mom made for him, visit her grave with flowers.

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Whatever you do!!! Don’t “just do” something. Please ask! It may make him feel worse. Everyone’s version of grieving is different and that’s ok. I had to tell myself that. I wondered (to myself) if I was wrong to ignore those special days. But I wasn’t. I just did what felt right to me.