How can I help my child build a stronger immune system?

Hi guys, I have an 18-month-old son, and I was wondering what you guys do to keep your children’s immune systems up. He gets sick quite often and right now there is a lot of sickness going around where I live (flu, RSV, pneumonia, etc.) and he is probably bound to get it because he gets the flu every time it comes around and is miserable and super sick the whole time. Let me know what vitamins, routines, etc. you use to keep your kids immune systems healthy when illnesses are going around, please!


Elderberry and greens.


Multivitamins! And orange juice.

proper diet. no garbage sugary concoctions and pre packaged foods mixes.


8-11 servings daily of fresh fruits and vegetables, with or between meals.


I swear by these my daughter has been on ever since kindergarten has not had cold


Elderberry and nutrient rich foods. Probiotics as well.

Proper diet and sleep goes a long way. Also, letting him get sick. It sounds counterproductive but they can’t build antibodies to things they have never had. My son goes through spurts where it seems like he is sick for a few weeks but then not sick for 3 mo.


Elderberry for sure. Grape juice is supposed to be good too but at that age I wouldn’t do much, just a cup a day

Healthy food, clean home, keep hands clean (his and yours) But remember, germs are good for kids, they help build the immune system in kids. Proper amount of sleep is important, outdoor time is good too. Open windows when able to allow fresh air in the home (obviously not when its freezing ) talk to her pediatrician about a multivitamin that will be good for an 18 mth old.

Halos… Tangerines, oranges and berries… We have had very few viruses in my house even when my husband had the flu no one else got it… He was the only one vaccinated by the way and it nearly killed him, but to each their own on that subject… We eat halos everyday… It is what my kids like the most… I’ve been a mom for nearly 30 years and only had the flu in my house once…

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18months? Talk to your pediatrician


There’s pro biotics you can buy from the supermarket i thinks it’s called “yoplait” my kids love it Tastes like strawberry :strawberry: should be near the yoghurt isle in the store

Chiropractor… out of pocket is usually pretty cheap. It is crazy how much this helps everything

Pneumonia itself isn’t contagious. Pneumonia happens when you get an infection from another illness and don’t do anything about it.
Healthy diet and vitamin gummies to make sure he’s getting everything he needs. Flu shot to avoid the bad flus.
Unfortunately RSV and colds and most other viral infections that kids get, they just have to build up a natural immunity to.

Vaccinate and germ it up. Let them play outside and eat dirt and snow and grass.


Probiotics and vitamin d in the winter.

Elderberry and vitamin c is what I give my daughter, as a preemie she should have been sick a million times but shes never been sick even once. I don’t isolate us, I dont use bleach, lysol or other cleaners. But the main thing is, she’s not vaccinated so her immune system and general health isn’t completely destroyed.
Also colloidal silver is very good


Honestly if your kid gets sick easily there is nothing that will stop it from happening… No amount of extra vitamins etc are going to stop your child picking up an illness. As long as your child has a healthy diet with a good variety of food groups they shouldn’t need vitamins anyway. My eldest would get sick after every break from school, lasted 3-4 years. He is gp said everything was fine and when he got over what ever illness it was, he was fine. One of my twins gets sick easily but the other rarely does.

Change his diet. Eliminate sugar and processed junk. It will make a world of difference