How can I help my child sleep through the night?

My daughter is now almost seven months old. Ever since she was three months, she started waking every 1-3 hours through the night; now we’re at about every hour that she wakes ( once upon a time, she slept all night, waking maybe once). Each time she wakes, she drinks 2-3oz. She eats food throughout the day, along with her bottle. Does anyone have any tips on how I can help my poor babe get some more sleep (not gonna lie, mama wouldn’t mind a few solid hours either ) I have mentioned it to her dr and he said it’s probably teething or a growth spurt, but there’s gotta be something more I can do to help her.


I know my sister went threw the same thing and she finally put my nephew on whole milk and he sleeps all night now. Just a option.

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My son was like this till after he turned 1. I was exhausted. I just tried lavender baths and lotion. Maybe try a sound machine or something like that. Play more right before bed to wear them down. That’s really it. Some babies just don’t sleep well , it sucks.


Sleep regression.
Some babies go through it, some don’t.
There isn’t a reason to feed her through the night, you might be giving her too much causing her tummy to be uncmfortable.

Try putting a show on and rubbing her back.
Or not everyone’s favorite option the crying out system. (No longer then 20 mins I feel)

Good luck

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Add baby cereal to bottle to thicken it a bit and it keeps them fuller longer which means longer sleep times…


She might be overtired make sure she’s napping during the day still!

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Keep baby close to you and remember that parenting does not stop at night–babies need their primary caregivers. Human babies are born too soon because of our large heads(for our brains!)–that is why we are so dependent for longer than other mammals. Trying to change millions of years of evolution just frustrates babies and moms.

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Went thru this with my first 2 and currently going thru it with number 3. Between 6ish and 14ish months they all wake several times a night. They just start to hit so many new milestones…their curiosity runs wild. I just think its hard for some babies to sleep during that time. My 7mo currently sleeps the best between 7pm and midnight and then he’s up hourly until about 6 when he gets up for the day. Im lucky to get 1 hour long nap out of him. And since I have older kids that stay up later I don’t usually get to bed until after 10. I’ve been waking up hourly with him for over a month now and have no hope of it ending anytime soon. Its exhausting. I just tell myself it will be over hopefully by summertime.

Have you tried feeding her more at once maybe she’s hungry my daughter is a month old and she can eat 3 oz

Try with feeding them more at one sitting and if that doesn’t work try a weighted blanket, a weighted baby blanket of course not one for adults

Try giving her a bath before bedtime with calming soap and give her a nice massage with calming cream. Give her a little bit of warm Chamomile tea. ( that always helped my toddler) and make sure she naps during the day!

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When my son did this and I talked to his doctor, she smirked and said, “he’s got your number”.
We started that night, ignoring him, he didn’t cry for more than 2 minutes and was back asleep. The next night he cried for maybe 30-45 seconds and was back asleep. The 3rd night, I woke up, but he didn’t.
This lasted until this month (he’s turning 3 years old) and he can get out of bed and open his door :roll_eyes: to find his brothers or me

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My daughter wasn’t sleeping either unless I was holding her. I wound up buying her a vibrating crib mattress… worked like a charm.

I used those videos on YouTube that help with sleep. And now she knows when its the one with colorful spirals, she lays down to fall asleep. The sound of rain also helps. Does she sleep in a bassinet or crib? Put it right next to you. It can be that. And make a nice thick bottle and she should sleep the night. Someone once told me about a baby cereal called nestum. It has chamomile in it. It helped her child sleep. I couldn’t find it at my local store at the time.

Do you feed right before bed? My sons pediatrician said it’s okay to feed right before bed, even if they are recently just to top them off, so they have a full belly when laying down for bed.

Aww I’m going thru this too. My baby is also 7 months, eats food throughout the day and wakes every 4 hrs at night. I feed him formula. Dr said baby’s just wake up, doesn’t mean anything is wrong.
My advice, try swaddle him.

Try feeding baby a little extra fat at dinner time/ before bed. I found giving my daughter some avocado or a few bites of oatmeal helped keep her fuller and therefore sleeping longer. Also try banana because the potassium and B6 promote sleeping and increase the body’s natural melatonin levels. Good luck!

Hold her at the end of the bed and flip her we did that with my kids and they slept thru the night

My grandparents told us they did this with there kids

Try a weighted sleep sack! It’s been a lifesaver for us!

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