How can I help my child wean from the pacifier?

We started the process of breaking the pacifier habit. My 15-month-old recently just bit the nipple of his pacifier off entirely. He’s had this one since birth. Being my second child with a pacifier, I vowed once it was broken, I wouldn’t buy another as I had with my first child. Nighttime, he doesn’t fuss much now without it. Naptime is a different story. He refuses to sleep and seems more frustrated about not having it during the day. What are some alternatives that may help? Or suggestions?


15 mths with the same pacifier? WOW. My baby relied on her pacifier so much I thought it would be impossible to get her to stop. The key is to just not give it to them. I told my daughter daddy’s dog ate it for 3 days. After that she just forgot all about it.

That’s tough! I just took it and let them cry the night out and they were fine after. But not every little one is the same.


I just stopped giving them my son, he was fine after a couple of days

You just have to take it away and the two of you tough it out. My kids did the pacifier a month if that and it was the one the hospital gave them. Never liked pacifiers.

He’s at that age where they don’t really do naps that much during the day cause they are too bisy playing & if they do they will go & nap when they are tired & not when you want them to nap.

Just let him fuss it out. Don’t give in. I took away my daughters chucked them in the trash. First few weeks were tough but it got better

You dont wean. You just take it.


Stil very young buy him a bigger new one

My daughter was a little older when I finally got her pacifier taken completely away. Lost the last one she wanted another. I told her there was sad babies in heaven that was needing some and they was hoping she could help them out. She said ok help babies and that was it. She was done with pacifiers. All the struggles with pacifiers and that’s what worked.

I never allowed my child to have one. A friend of mine however told her son that big kids don’t use a paci and that is was yucky. Then asked if he was a big kid or a baby. He threw it away and never looked back. Personally I’d chuck it when he’s asleep and let him cry till hes done. Maybe replace with cuddles or a stuffed toy.

My mother told me to slit a hole in my daughters and I did she was pissed all day she would throw it across the room, go get it and do it again. She finally got it lol

You’ve been giving that baby the same pacifier for 15 months? :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face: YUCK!


I would just take and try to get him unfocused on it by playing or something, I wouldnt keep using a soft one because they bite it off could choke, I never gave any if mine any, and they never really wanted it but just from other experiences and info, I would just take it away, they will get over it and be fine.

Just throw it away it will be rough for a few days but it needs to be done


He will get over it in a few days. Stay strong and don’t stress over it.

Just TAKE IT AWAY!!! Throw it away!!! Don’t buy ANYMORE!!! :wave:t5::wave:t5::wave:t5::wave:t5::wave:t5::wave:t5::wave:t5:.

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After 2/3 mos…once they were lost, they stayed lost!!!


15 months is a long time with the same pacifier… The package on the last pacifier I bought said for safety and hygiene you should change the pacifier every two to three months

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Not much help here, mine never did a pacifier, they refused to take one and I was glad they didn’t. Good Luck.