How can I help my child who has ADHD?

Those with kids who have ADHD and are unmedicated what are somethings you do to help their behavior? We think my stepson has ADHD and is going to talk to his pediatrician in a few weeks, but what I’ve read, he shows a lot of symptoms. He’s 3 years old, and live read that diet change can help and also using essential oils. He constantly cries just over being asked to do a simple task like using the potty or get dressed; he cant focus on what you ask him to do.he will hear you and repeat what you said but then gets distracted or will just stare into space.


Yes diet change can help my son has it found out foods with coloring like red 40 ect triggered him he was diagnosed at 3

Caffeine. If he calms down with caffeine you know its adhd. Give him a little coffee.

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Sounds like a typical toddler to me! Give him time to learn and grow, he does not know a lot about life at that age. This is where he needs guidance and teachings. It sounds like you may need to work on obtaining more patience and coming up with ways to teach him the right things to do and right ways to act.


Diet yes. No red dye try to give him dha and fish oil vitamins as well

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We have two boys with ADHD, the youngest stopped having a day sleep at 6 weeks of age only sleeping between 2 - 4 hours in any 24hr period, his specialist started him on sleeping medication just before he turned 5… they wouldnt diagnose him properly until he was in full time school so he was six… he has inattentive ADHD… is now nearly 16…
The eldest was diagnosed with violent ADHD when he was around 7 is still medicated and going on 17…
Diet works for some but not for all, you can try cutting out certain things to see if it helps, just try one thing at a time so you learn his triggers…
Good luck because it is not easy.
Also as above try coffee, only thing is you may have to add sugar to get him to drink it, sugar could be a trigger…

If he struggles with tasks try some visual cards that he can visualise. Diets shouldn’t contain too many sugars or fats and should have an outlet for energy of 15-30 minutes a day. This is things like running, park, bike rides etc

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try to eliminate sugar and minimize bread, pasta, potatos. Minimize processed foods with chemicals, dyes. Have your child evaluated for adhd, autism and hearing loss. If these evaluations seem off, seek another opinion. Did these problems always exist? or was there a change after vaccinations?

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Keep a continuous routine also make things such as potty training etc exciting an fun. Try letting him help you do things if he wants to participate he will like to know he helping you in other ways maybe.

I agree he’s 3, to early to make that decision.


He could also be exhibiting early signs of autism though it honestly sounds like he’s just being 3 and you need to actually discipline him better 🤷

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They won’t diagnose him that young… and if they do seek 2nd opinion because most doctors won’t diagnose that little… just sounds normal for his age… every child is different… so many people many people told me my son showed sign when he was a toddler…even teachers did when he started elementary… but a boy is rambunctious and curious…and I never took him despite everyone’s opinions and he is in 4th grade and doing amazing… sometimes they need to mature a little… you have to let them grow and learn… and structure his HUGE at that age… make sure there is structure and don’t scold him for every thing he does because it will get worse… let him learn and grow… I’m sure he’s fine

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My daughter is 3 n showing extreme traits of adhd n poss slight autism. Nursery have even noticed but been told they carnt refer her b4 6yrs of age as they wont accept the referral. So for the next 3yr n more I’ve just got to deal with it on my own

First off. He is 3. My son has issues and sees specialists. And even they say at 3. They cant be diagnosed. Because they can not tell what is age related or an issue. But his doctor did tell me I could give him coffee… if he is having add or ADHD issues coffee. (Black) almost always has a reverse effect. It calms my son down when he will have a drink or two. Also watching sugar intake is a huge one of course. My son spaces out. But that is due to a seizure disorder. So I have no insight into that part in most kids. My advice would be just keep patience and keep routines for cleaning up etc… a good routine has helped my son a ton. Like cleaning up his place after meals. Putting his clothes where they go. While small. It helps us all a lot. He gets overwhelmed easy and that’s when he acts out. So I try to get on his level and break things down for him and help him start whatever he is doing. Then I’ll take a step back and just try to keep him on task for a short time.

My 2 1/2 year old cries and throws fits. She doesn’t listen and ignores me.

It’s called being a toddler! People need to stop looking for other excuses. Not everything needs a diagnosis.

Please wait until he sees the doctor and let him/her guide you. I am an OT and I can tell you not all symptoms you googled is for one particular thing, it could a range of things. One thing you have to remember is that he is 3 years old.


He’s 3!!! Dear God! No 3 year old can focus longer than a few minutes. I strongly recommend you go to a few reputable websites like Harvard’s Behavioral Science department or the American Pediatrics site and live chat with a professional. Most children won’t be diagnosed with it until they’ve been in school a while because age makes a difference. I would also recommend taking time to sit down and work with him in short amounts of time to help build focus. I’m an adult with ADHD and an 8 year old. At 3 you’d get about 10 minutes of focus. It gets better with time, and in school now she’s the best student ever, and that came out of the mouths of her teachers, but at home, she’s a nut because her energy is pent up at school. Set a schedule, make learning fun, do puzzles like the 10 piece ones from dollar tree, and make a big deal out of things when he completes little-I repeat little-things. That will motivate him to want to pay attention

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He 3 …and no doctor in their right mind will diagnose a three-year-old with ADHD


First off he is only three years old! Be patient with him and help him put his shoes on etc. he may just need a little help because he is really young and kids develop at different rates. Secondly before you start using essential oils on him take him to his pediatric appointment and get the opinion of a MEDICAL DOCTOR ! Not everything you read on the internet is true and can actually be very harmful. If you want to do something for about his diet then cut out processed foods and foods with dyes. This can’t hurt him but other than that I would wait for the doctor to see him.

Im here if you need help. Im severe add/adhd. And so was my daughter at 2.5yrs old.