How can I help my daughter make better food choices?

I have a ten-year-old daughter, like all of us, she loves her food. With my work schedule and my boyfriend’s work schedule sometimes take out is the best option for us. My daughter uses to be pretty thin up until about three years ago. She just kinda started eating and snacking more and more. She currently weighs 146 (no judgment please), and I know that’s the weight of a normal adult, but my daughter doesn’t look like she weighs 146 at all. She keeps asking me if she can go on a diet. Has anyone else had similar problems with there kids, and if so, what’re some good foods that are healthy for a picky eater? I’m struggling so bad and want my daughter healthy, not overweight when she gets older. Again please no rude responses. Thanks


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Eat healthier of course let her try things veggies yogurt etc, work out / play outside. Being active is huge for kids.


Here’s the thing. You tossed out 3 different reasons she is gaining weight. I think you need to take a deep breath and get honest with yourself. Fast food is easy, but it is NEVER the best option. Try exploring crock pot options on nights when it’s hard to cook. Or make and freeze meals on the weekend.

Momma, if she is constantly snacking you have to limit her. Which probably wont make her happy. Premeasure out an appropriate portion and no more, no matter how much fussing happens.

I know you want the best for your daughter…the change doesnt start with her though. It has to start with you. Good luck!


cut out fast food and add more veggies and fruit. i wouldn’t really diet because she’s still young but healthier choices for sure.

You have to put your “schedules” aside and do what’s best for her. Fresh food and vegetables. They don’t take a lot longer than take out if you use your time wisely and prep. There are a lot of food suggestion plans that aren’t “diets” per se, she doesn’t need a “diet” stigma at age 10. Just to learn healthy eating and exercise habits. She’s very mature for recognizing something isn’t right and asking for help. Please help her.


Honestly, get a referral from your doctor to see a nutritionist. I recently did this myself. And it opened my eyes to so many alternatives to healthier eating habits and ways of cooking things.

You could use a slow cooker. Put it on slow in the mornings when you get home at night it will be cooked and you have a home cooked healthy meal.

Good ol, “what I make is what you eat” if she won’t eat it, she can eat sleep. When my mom was watching my 4 yr old, he got so big omg… she feeds him lazy food.
When that stopped and he started preschool and was with me, he ate veggie meals. Took a while but he got used to it. He maintained his weight as he grew and hes so fit now.

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Get her thyroid check it can cause weight gain and then talk to a dr about diet options

Definitely talk to her pediatrician to get a referral to a dietitian to help you make food plans that way it’s safer then talking to people on the internet who do diets at home and research online

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Ask your doctor to see a nutritionist, it will be better for both of you since you won’t have to be throwing crap diets that may or may not work for her. Also maybe teach her about healthy working out habits, maybe work out as a family to be healthier?

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What about slimming world that way she can still eat snacky stuff like choc ect but less of it and still have biggish meals and you dont even have to make it seem like a diet but healthier food i know both my kids like the meals and i prep a few and freeze them that way they are readily available if busy like spag bol, chilli con carni ect

I had a stroke at 44. I have been chubby all my life. She needs to exercise and develop that early in life. Teach her to eat fresh fruit, veggies and Greek yogurt and snack on hummus and nuts. It will help you both! I am also a diabetic and had gastric bypass surgery and lost over 100 lbs. I also had 20 inches of skin removal surgery. She does not need to suffer like I have! I weigh 160 today, I should weigh about 140 but I have had a difficult battle. May she find her peace and good lifelong habits!

Have her join some activities if she is willing. Girl scouts, Rec center sports, just things to occupy her time.
Eating out a couple times a week would probably not be the cause of her gaining weight. It probably ia the food choices in the cabinets and frig. I have a 14 year old girl, and we have the same issue. But she can only eat what I buy. I get some frozen stuff like burritos to have after school but the rest is stuff that has to be prepared. It sure cuts back on boredom snacking

Most of us snack like this out of boredom or loneliness. Curbing her portions and making her diet is only putting a bandaid over an arterial bleed and isn’t going to get to the heart of the problem.

What’s her social life like? Is she involved in any extra curricular activities? How does she spend her time each day after school? Has something major changed in her life during this time (loss of a family member or pet, a break up, switching schools, falling out with a friend, instability at home, etc.) that could account for what is potentially making her feel empty or alone? Is she appropriately challenged mentally in school?

The best way to help her maintain her weight, and lose it naturally by cutting out the extra snacking, would be to replace that hole she’s trying to fill with something meaningful before it becomes a bad habit that’s really firmly ingrained and much more difficult to break later. Getting her more involved with peer activities like clubs and groups, more structured family time, an extra curricular activity that stimulates her creativity or her mind, etc. can go a long way to stopping the excess snacking naturally.

It may be a good idea to reach out to her doctor for testing as well. As her hormones changes, imbalances can create excess weight gain, and thyroid issues can start around puberty, which can cause weight gain as well. A large clue as to what your daughters adult shape will end up looking like comes from what yours, or her father’s mother’s looks like.


Shes only.ten this might be a spurt shes going thru.try n.keepmher active go.cycling with her lots.of walks mother.daughter.time also.have carrots celery.fruits in your fridge.for snack time a dip.i.make is good.for watching what.u eat.peanut butter.banana your teaspoon vanilla awesome.on rice cakes shell do.good just a matter.of time good luck

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Don’t listen to anyone here but me. If you’re serious please message me. I’m going through the same thing with my 10 year old daughter and she has lost 25 pounds since August. Screw the diets and keto crap. She’s a child. Like I said message me if you really want to save your daughters life.

Its pre pubescent weight. She doesnt need a diet.

I would bring in nothing but healthy options in the house. Toss all junk food and sweets, save those for a special day yall set up, like twice a month you guys can have fast food or ice cream so it’s something she looks forward too. It’s also about setting an example yourself, if she sees you eating healthy and snacking on veggies itll be easier for her. Take out is fine, most places have healthier options than they used to. I was a heavy child and it was very hard on me back then and has changed my outlook on how I am as an adult. I’m constantly worried about my weight and size because growing up I was bigger and dealt with the teasing from others and I compared myself to everyone else.