How can I help my daughter understand it is dangerous to talk to strangers online?

My nine-year-old daughter has been caught twice now chatting online in games with strangers. We’ve had so many talks with her, and we monitor her whenever possible, but any chance she gets, she’s back at it. I’ve deleted all of the games and banned her from the iPad now until I can figure out what to do. Any tips or helpful sites/videos I can show her to really help her understand the seriousness?!


Put locks :closed_lock_with_key: on her computer

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Post a pic and ask people to share it with a piece of paper with there state on it and show her how far it travels in a week!


Take everything away from her. She isn’t responsible enough.


No iPad for a long long time

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Make her watch “Megan is Missing”


There is a show called

I had my daughter watch this and it opened her eyes and even mine on some things it taught her about all the dangers on line and how there is no protection for you

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Have her watch any of the ID channel shows called Web of lies.


I think my mom making me watch unsolved mysteries and America’s most wanted reinenfoced stranger danger


I would show her the reality of how it is on articles and documentaries

She cant take the iPad away for ever…she has to earn it back. I say show her movies about this. There are plenty of newspaper articles. Monitor her iPad or any electronic she has once a day. Child lock it

Most games you can turn off the chat ability

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Ummmm… you just don’t let her on anything that’s connected to the internet… that’s the only solution to your problem. Try again in a year or so when she has (hopefully) matured a bit. And if the same problems arise, you shut it all down again.


My daughter is 12 nd I found out she was messaging someone she didnt know. Telling him she was 15, I told her I called the actual person (which I didnt) nd he was a 40 yr old man… I explained that he could track her phone or laptop nd come take her nd her little sister. Seemed to do the trick, scared the hell out of her. I also took the phone away


It’s really only dangerous if she tries to meet them. As long as she doesn’t try that, I personally don’t see a problem. But that’s my opinion.


She nine. Give her a coloring book and make her go outside and play with dirt. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Tell her to read up on the rotherham girls that got groomed and tell her this is what can happen whenbu speak to strangers do you want to end up like that? Sometimes u have to shock them .

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I would cancel all wifi access. And wait a year or 2. Until she is old enough.

Take away all electronics. It’s so simple. Make her be a kid and go outside and play! Don’t give your kid’s electronics if they aren’t responsible enough to listen to you :woman_facepalming:t2:


Have her watch the movie Trust.