How can I help my daughter with ADHD focus on her homework?

I had the question yesterday about my eight years old, not doing all her homework and having problems with her handwriting. I forgot to mention that I ask her if she has homework, but I ALSO sit down to do it with her because she gets easily distracted with other things, so I help her focus on her homework. She just diagnosed with ADHD. Do other moms have any advice like what helped with your kid? Her school actually got her an appointment for a neurological assessment.


I refused the homework. these kids find it so hard to stay on task it actually causes stress. so I keep it to a minimum at home

We use essential oils. Topically and aromatically.

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Does she like music? I did my homework and studying to certain songs and I could remember everything that way…just as if it were the song lyrics

They have so many programs at schools NOW, that should help her. My grandson receives all kinds of help and he’s 11

I had issues with my son while he was on his medication for ADHD. He became depressed and just wasn’t himself. In exploring other options, I found that taekwondo can be effective in children with ADHD. He has been in taekwondo now for about 6 months, and I have seen a significant change in his ability to focus and his grades have improved. It’s something to explore if you’re looking for an alternative to medication.


Cbd gummies work wonders for my high anxiety 11 yr old. Should give it a go

I also broke it up with 20 minutes on 10 off. It takes a lot longer but that’s exactly the only way it would get done

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I have two children with adhd. One with inattentive and the other hyperactive. I tried everything under the sun to help them naturally. Occupational therapy works(currently in) but lastly I tried meds. Although society normally shames parents if their kids are on meds. (I’ve had people say I’m lazy and just throwing them on meds… very hurtful but I know what’s best for my children.) My adhd inattention son is on adderall extended release and my hyperactive son is on regular adderall and intuniv for impulse control. It has been night and day! But like myself, I encourage parents such as yourself to try what YOU think is best for your child. I’m in California and I had cbd gummies at first… those worked for about a month and then it stopped. Aba therapy also. We’ve been through the ringer but we’ve finally found a combination of things that work:) Continue advocating for you child. Good luck :heart:

I have to actually sit by my child as she does her homework.

I have had ADD forever, meds helped some, but I didn’t care for the side effects, and haven’t taken them in years. What (would have) helped, and still does, is to break things down into 5-10 minute intervals, or use lots of little incentives. I.e. if I do this much of this assignment, I can have x amount of tv time, or a snack, and then rinse and repeat. Patience is key. I think it frustrates/ed my family because it was hard for them to understand that I could not help losing focus on the task at hand, or how hard it is to make myself sit and focus on a project, and how exhausting the effort to do so can really be.

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We do a little at a time

I medicated mine and it has helped tremendously . On her first day on meds she sat at the table till it was completely done without me rerouting her back to the table how I used to .and her handwriting changed it was like day and night … Also she doesn’t take all morning getting ready anymore we used to always have to wait for her . Her doctor prescribed Vyvanse…

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It took me a year to put my daughter on meds. I tried everything. She was very depressed and withdrawn. After meds she graduated never making below a 95 in hs. A star softball pitcher. She no longer takes anything. She says the med saved her life. I am against drugs until you have exhausted all natural help. Good luck. Oh the most successful people are ADHD. Reach for the :star: stars!


Do you have a 504 plan? You can get decreased work written into it. If you don’t, get one. Very beneficial! Maybe look into testing to see if she qualifies for an iep?

What helped me in elementary school was my grandma would let me have a snack while I did my homework and after 30 min of homework I would stand up and do some jumping jacks and sit back down we did that over and over. Which usually took me 5 hours to do. As I would sit there and draw on my homework before this. I have adhd add and odd thou so I would get violent for no reason to people as a kid as I didn’t understand I had a anger disorder.

Take a long, hard look at your children’s assignments. You’re welcome to pm me if you want to keep their business private.

My son isnt adhd or anything but he does loose concentration, we have mummy time on his bed where it’s quite and read his book with no distractions. New /different room where it’s peaceful may help

Behavioral therapy is an option. Breaking the homework up can also help. I’ve got 3 of my kids that have ADHD (1 also has Oppositional Defiance Disorder). Keep the kids active. I found that when they were more active and got their energy out it was easier for them to focus on things. Taking a different approach than you might have with other kids also has to happen. Best of luck finding what works for you and her.