How can I help my husband find his family?

With staying anonymous, I would like to ask for help. I have been searching for my husband’s brother. he isn’t 100 percent into finding him because he never knew him but talks about what he would be like often. He was separated from his brother at a very young age. In 2001 my husband was 5, was taken, and brought to life with his grandparents. his younger brother adopted by his stepmother’s sister. His brother was born somewhere between 2000 to 2001. only knowing his name is Reese, and his mother’s name was donna. But the only thing is he doesn’t remember donnas’ last name. It may be Peterson but believe it was changed. I know that this would make. My hubby is happy to meet his brother; he never met. And connect with him, but at the same time, I believe he’s nervous or doesn’t want to get his hopes up that he can’t find him . the last he knew is he was 13 living in Arizona and born in so cal. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find him with so little info to go off of?


Does his grandma/grandparents (if shes still around) know anything about the stepmoms family?

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I’ve been in this same situation besides it was to find my husband father. PM if you’d like some advice!

I don’t know my mom’s side of the family. I don’t even know my mom. I submitted my dna to Ancestry (solely bc I was curious of my heritage) and my maternal grandfather AND maternal uncle both contacted me through the site. I know they’re both on the younger side so I’m unsure if his brother would even think about using ancestry, but he might get some matches from that side of the family that could help him out.

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Ancestry dna proved very helpful in a similar situation. You can track down relatives from as far away as 6th cousin removed. It’s pretty awesome, only about 50 for the test and a 20 membership once you get the results

Try contacting iss (international social services) that’s how my mom found me and my brother

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Theres a reconnect page here on fb
People all around the world.

I find it weird that the grandparents and stepmom didn’t try and keep the boys together or kept in touch at the very least. Sad :disappointed: :woman_facepalming:t4:

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Do the DNA it will help

He might want to do an Ancestory type of test. They find a lot of relatives

A more specific location would help

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Take a DNA test. If he’s taken one and opted to share then he might find him that way

My husband was adopted as a baby and he found his birth mom through ancestry. It’s pretty rare to find immediate family members like that right away. If he’s open to a dna kit, it could very well lead him to his brother.

Maybe a private investigator? I have nothijg

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I went through

23andme dna is AWESOME…i have connected with soooo many family members

The red cross can help you find someone ,they help my mom find a family member .

I found my mom’s half brothers and sisters. My mom was in her 70s when I found them. I knew her dad’s name and that he was dead.
So I found ( find a grave ) got his d.o.b. and d.o.d. contact the local newspaper got his obituary, listed his kids, out of five kids one was dead, two didn’t want anything to do with us, and two came to the house to visit.

Ancestry DNA should be your first step. You’re welcome to PM me. I just got done with a major search! :slight_smile:

My brother found us after 39 years on