How can I help my sister?

I recently found out my 13 year old has been making herself throw up after she eats, please advise on how to help her.


Explain the bad side effects to bulimia to her. Loose teeth, organ damage, and show pictures. Internet has some shows like The Dr’s on the subject.

She needs to go and start talking to someone


This is not an easy fix. This is most likely going to require a professional to help. All adults in her life need to be on the same page about this and address it with her with a professional. First step call around to find a therapist that specializes in eating disorders. Ask them for the next steps. I describe my eating disorder as similar to alcoholism. I’m in active recovery but only because of a support system and other systems and routines in place to keep me on track. Those are just some of the things this young girl will need.

Find that professional as soon as possible. If funds are an issue, search for clinics and other options that will help in the same way but possibly in a less expensive way.

Sending positive thoughts to you and this 13yr old. It’s a rough road ahead but it one that can be traveled and she can reach the other side healthy.


They have treatment centers to help people overcome that. That have helped so many people.

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Therapy, you need to get to the underlying reason it’s happening.


I agree with Katie. I’m in the medical field and that is literally the only way you can start to help her. It’s a serious matter. Sending prayers your way and the young girl! :heart:


Get her into treatment ASAP. These kind of habits can become nearly impossible to break. If you can catch it early you may just save her life


Start with body image positivity. She will also need professional help


There’s trauma that causes this. It’s hard to predict. I’m so sorry it’s happening to your family. Counseling is your best friend right now.

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Tell Your Mom so she can get professional help before shes really sick.Good luck ,God bless !

She’s probably trying to exercise control over something in her life or deal with pain by doing that. She doesn’t know how to cope with something possibly teenage angst, family issues, all sorts of things, and so she’s using that to exert control. She needs support, love, non judgment and help. Also someone a professional to teach her healthy coping skills. Something noone taught me or told me about till I was much older and in the field. Coping skills to deal with whatever she is going through. Whether that is writing, a hobby, exercise, counseling, calling a friend, talking to a trusted person, relaxing, deep breaths, therapeutic coloring, a relaxing hobby, getting outside for a walk, going to see a friend, a coping skill could look like many different things as long as it is healthy and helps her. (Instead of purging or any other self destructive behaviors.) Unfortunately many don’t teach this to our youth and it’s so important we teach them healthy coping skills so they can know what to do instead of cutting or starving or throwing up etc etc etc. They’re trying to deal with pain and control in those ways and don’t learn till much much later (sometimes never) healthy ways to do that.

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:pray::pray::pray::pray:prayers your way …

There r eating disorder clinics. I know because I was in one. 7 times! Start getting her help asap❤its not easy I was sick for 13 yrs n have been better since my mid twenties but have alot of stomach problems now due to it.

Seek professional help ASAP

First and foremost give the girl a hug and don’t get mad at her. Second find her someone to talk to and let her have her own process with this. My mom let me plan and help prepare meals at home which helped me control what I put in my body.

Let her talk to you. I used to do it sometimes for weight but mainly to handle stress. Let her tell you her why’s how doing that fixes a problem she feels she has then you can help her find what coping skills she is missing also it never hurts to turn to the professions. Good luck mom I hope reaching out helps you feel supported

Ask her about it and make it clear that you’re not mad you just want to know why? Don’t push if she doesn’t want to tell you. Just let her know that you’re there to help and talk to your mom privately about it. There’s no need to say it in front of all of your family so that she doesn’t suddenly have everyone asking her about it all at the same time


She needs to see a child psychologist. Our daughter did the same thing and the psychologist was a blessing.

I have 4 daughters. One had bulimia where you eat and make yourself throw it back up.My middle daughter had anorexia where you just don’t eat. I now have a granddaughter who refuses to eat most food. They all had professional help and recovered. But we are still dealing with my 16 year old granddaughter. It’s a long hard road. I will say the more you say about the less they listen. They require medical ,and psychological help. But recovery is possible.