How can I help my son feel more comfortable in his new bed?

Help!!! My son has been in a toddler bed since he turned one. He now 2 1/2, and we got him a full-size bed. He hasn’t taken a nap since we got him his new bed. A week ago, I had enough of him playing and being naughty in his room, so I put him in a pack n play, so he was stuck. He took an amazing nap. I took it out, but now he begs for it. I put him in bed with as much junk as I can to make him feel tight, and he took one good nap, but now is back to not taking naps again. Any advice?? Would side rails help?? I feel so bad for my baby. I know he feels lost in his big bed and needs to feel comforted. We switched him out of his toddler bed because he kept pushing it around the room and taking it apart (typical boy) instead of sleeping.


Side rail is good idea.


No naps, none of my kids napped as soon as there feet hit the floor, sleeps 8-8 or 9-9

Get him a twin size bed!!


Side rail and body pillow maybe. Both my daughter’s slept with body pillows and I do also. Couldn’t imagine life without one lol.

That might help. Walmart online sells a set that turns a full sized bed into a railed bed.

Maybe push the one side up against the wall and get a bed rail. Hope this helps


Maybe he has out grown his naps now

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Sounds like he doesn’t want to nap anymore

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At 2 almost 3 kids tend to get over napping which is normal and actually really great because that’s when they go to bed super early and still sleep through the night :smiley: tell him about how his big boy bed will bring wonderful dreams and if he uses it every night how he will be able to grow bigger and sleep better :heart:


Definitely a bed tent

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Bed tent, railings on both sides… even if it’s up against a wall, they can get stuck in that gap… maybe books about moving to a big kid bed? I took mine to shop for their bedding and that made it so exciting. Mine is almost 3.5 and naps at her babysitters house in her pack and play but not at home. There may be a connection there

Shove the bed in a corner and line the two walls with those roll pillows . I created a little nook in the corner with a little teepee like thing hanging from the ceiling and it was super cozy .

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Try a weighted blanket

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Do not push the bed against the walls get two bed rails for the bed and roll towels at each side and get something that he likes and put it up be side his head on the ceiling or a music mobile and what ever music that he likes all the best

try rails for the sidesof the bed. It may be a safety issue for him. Amazon sells them

Did you put rails on both sides of his new bed? Worked on both mine.

Try the rails, it’s a form of security. He might not be ready for the big boy bed. My son wouldn’t sleep in his bed til he was 3

My son likes having a bunch of stuffies on his bed and spare plush blanket’s since he got a bigger bed. Also has a specific blanket and pillow he sleeps with.

With my son it took me buying his favorite bed spread and pillow, and he was told if he didn’t sleep in it with his new stuff i would give it all away… it worked for us…