How can I help my son memorize the multiplication table?

Hi, I saw this post regarding multiplication tables a few days back, and there were a lot of recommendations. I’m struggling to get my son to memorize them. It would be very helpful if I could trace that post again. Thank you.


See if you can find music for him we did that in school!, and YouTube

My kids teacher made them write it 20 times it works


Post the table in the restroom and keep asking him the same problems over and over. It’s all about memorization.

I had to memorize them by saying them as fast as I could ( just the answers)
7/ 14/ 21/ 28/ 35/ 42 /…

teach him to count in number 3x 3 6 9 let him use his fingers one 3 is 3 two 3 are 6

On the 9s u can use ur hands. Anything to the left is 10s and to the right 1s.

Some kids will never memorize them, I was one of them. I am every good at math I just could never memorize things. I always found thing to help me. Like a clock for you 5. Rhymes for other things like 7x7. (7 and 7 stood on a line and out came 49.) 6 and 8 went through the gate and out came 48. And some time I just had to add them together.

I put my kids in kumon it did help. The key to them is repeating everyday for 10 min.

My dad posted them across from the toilet when we were little. Sounds crazy but it worked lol.

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You say them with him over and over

Also Khan academy is an amazing free resource for multiple subjects but especially math. We homeschool and use it to help with anything my daughter gets stuck on.

Write them off…

I myself never memorized them. I remember certain ones. Like mostly any thing times 5 I can do, or like 4x4=16, I remembered that by saying a 4x4 is a vehicle and you have to be 16 to drive (in my state anyway) just stuff like that.

I played math bingo. So I would get 3x3 and I would have to come up with 9 if I got the correct bingo I got a small treat.

My daughter is currently in multiplication too and it’s been a struggle. But we have found that teaching her to count by the numbers is working better than teaching her the whole math problem. (3,6,9,12,15 ect) So we repeat each string of numbers at a tempo and it seems to really stick in her mind.

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When I was learning them, my dad recorded them on a cassette tape and played them while I was sleeping. Helped a lot!

Is he a visual learner? Auditory learner? Maybe songs would help.