How can I help my teething baby feel better?

Hello mama’s my 9month old is teething, two more front teeth on the top, and lately he’s been very fussy especially at night, I’ve tried Tylenol but still doesn’t work any remedies or recommendations? Please!


I would definitely give Motrin before I did Tylenol. Teething Rings teething gel anything for them to chew on. Give that baby a cold waffle or a cool wet washcloth.


Vanilla extract numbs do not give the classic baby oral jel it actually numbs but makes their gums solids so longer n harder for teeth to come thro

Motrin always worked way better for my little. Frozen teething rings and the pedialyte popsicles always helped a lot too. Oh and those vibrating teethers too.

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1i know this is unvonciable but when my baby was teething I did use warm whiskey not a lot just tip of my finger and I swear she would stopm


Use a cold wash rag and with one finger, massage their gums with it.

Cold wash cloth. Popsicles. Do not give vanilla extract, it has alcohol in it. :roll_eyes: which can be dangerous.

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If your baby eats yogurt freeze some before you give it to them worked wonders for my youngest

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My son wore a Baltic amber necklace when awake and an anklet while sleeping. He also had a mesh feeder I put breast milk ice cubes in and frozen pieces of fruit

I use the gel baby teether a in the fridge and frozen purées or breast milk/formula in one of the mesh things. I also bought a MoonJax and Teething Straws. He absolutely loves them and they have helped a lot. Even when he isn’t teething.

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Take a clean white baby sock put ice in it ,bib on the baby and let chew on it.

Wet baby washcloths, twist corners put in zip lock bag and freeze, part freeze. Let’s them get into the back. I often used diluted apple juice, kept mine gumming🤣

Some of these answers scare me. Please don’t use any numbing gel as it has caused babies to choke in the past, same with frozen yogurt. We’ve used popsicles before baby got teeth (and removed it when it melted to the point of being brittle), frozen teethers and cold wash cloths. If I had to do it again I would definitely buy one of those vibrating teethers!

I alternate Tylenol and ibuprofen, and I use Orajel and cold teethers.

Frozen fruit in a tether… or target has all natural numbing pods made with clove oil that are amazing… will work for baby or an adult if needed… I know I’ve used them and used them with my kids. And it won’t numb anything other then the area it has been placed on

Hylands teething tablets have saved me from so many sleepless nights. Also motrin works better than tylenol. And since baby is over 6 months id suggest buying that over tylenol.

Camilla teething is a god send.

Have you tried Humpries for babies? Not sure if still available but really works. Ask your pharmacist

Scrape a carrot, then freeze it, give it to your little one, it’s cold and sweet, it will be rubbery so not easy to break up. Do watch of course so there is no issue. Good luck

Freeze a damp washcloth. That worked for my oldest. My mom said frozen mini bagels worked for me when I was an infant and teething