How can I help my toddler calm down from a tantrum?

Anybody have any advice on a 2yr old that throws a tantrum simply because he woke up? Usually takes 45 mins for him to calm himself. But its every single time he naps.


Mine did that for a while so we stopped naps and put them down for bed an hour earlier. Such an amazing change :wink:

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Could it possibly be like a night terror? Even though it wasn’t necessarily during the night? My oldest son used to do that almost every time he slept or napped and we found they were night terrors. It happened because he was overly tired or a disturbance between the REM cycles.

My son cut his own naps and we shifted the hours to all bed time so now he only occasionally wakes up freaking out.

And honestly I don’t mind the extra time to myself striaght at night.

And the pediatrician ok’d it as long as they get the full amount of sleep they need in 24 hours.

Practice deep breathing. Smell the flower! Now blow out the candle! Maybe counting to 3?


My daughter is like that in the mornings sometimes but I just leave her alone until she’s out of that mood :woman_shrugging:t2:


Chamomila… 200c one time.

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Ignore and they will stop

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I wouldn’t cut out naps , especially if you ever need to put your child in daycare its a state requirement that they nap depending on where you live… maybe try going in before he wakes up. Put on some comforting music or a nice cartoon and kiss his cheek until he wakes up. Then he wakes up in a nice way , not alone and with the comfort of mom

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Same here with my 2 year old. There’s no calming him (different than his night terrors). We just ignore it and it passes. SOMETIMES it’s because he woke up before he was ready

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My son does this. I just give him a little snack and try to redirect his attention with a toy or game. Hes not really a “consolable” kind of child…meaning picking him up or sitting with him or whatever doesn’t help. I still always try though. I’ve just always had the best luck with snacks

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Belly breathing strategies and deep pressure hugs really help my son.

My son does this. I feel like he just wasn’t ready to get up so I sit and hold him, give him a sippy cup and wait for him to call down. At the very least he has my comfort for it

Distraction. When my daughter cries uncontrollably, I offer her a drink of water(from my cup…cause moms cup is always better), and her taking those small sips helps her calm down. Then we can move on with a distraction, like a toy or a snack. When she would wake up rough from a nap, I would just hold her until she calmed down. But it usually is not more than a couple mins and it’s usually because she was not ready to wake up.

Bubbles! My son does this EVERY time he wakes up and my daughter started going to him and blowing bubbles when he wakes up and he magically stops screaming !

I would ignore it with my son and I also taught him deep breathing until he is calm

For my son hes 18 months. I hug him and redirect him to an activity. If that doesnt work I make sure hes in a safe place and I ignore. He usually bounces back when he doesnt get attention from crying and tantrums. If that doesnt work I ignore for a bit then I go back hug him and redirect him.
My child doesn’t throw tantrums when waking up but he use to cry but we have a routine. When he wakes up I change him and I have his breakfast ready at his seat. (He was hungry when first getting up he would cry until he ate) so now I have it done before he wakes. He goes to his chair and eats and has a drink and that eliminated the crying in the morning. After Nap time I have a snack ready for when he wakes up as well. With crying its because they dont understand feelings but they feel them also sometimes its because they dont have the language to communicate a need. Make sure you use words for his feelings as well.

My little one did this also for no apparent reason at all. We just learned to give him his space and talk it through " once your finished, we can then do…". Also before he went down for nap we would explain what we will be doing after he wakes up. Even little things, " when you wake up you can eat your snacks and play with your Lego’s". It only took about 2 weeks and it subsided eventually. And if the tantrums were really bad we just didn’t acknowledge him until he was finished. Never once mentioned what just happened.


Yes this happens to me everyday. Wakes up from his nap and throws a tantrum for at least 30 minutes. No reason for it.