How can I help my toddler calm down from a tantrum?

My little one was afraid of dreaming I don’t obviously know if it was bad dreams or good dreams but it would scare them because I think they didn’t understand and couldn’t determine between rail and not real I hate my phone but yeah so I would just have to like play a movie or soothing sounds it took a long time unfortunately for them to figure it out

Talk softly to him before he lays down and especially when he wakes up. Tell him in a calm voice that you will not tolerate his behavior and walk out of the room. When he is over his tantrum, he can come in the room where you are at. (I have never had to deal with that type behavior and I am only guessing. Good luck!)

I have a 1 year old that sometimes does the same thing and I found that walking away and letting him work his little self out. Walk away and shut the door. If you try comforting him he is getting the reaction and attention he wants. Believe it or not they know exactly what they are doing. Its kinda like their own game and you don’t even realize your playing.

Find something he really likes , food , toy, tv show, try to take his mind off tantrum and onto something else , works on my 2 hrs old granddaughter, she doesn’t have tantrums ,Just has her moments

Might be night terrors

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My kiddo had this happen but in the afternoon not early morning. It was an anxiety or panic attack. She was older and could tell me she couldn’t calm down. I put her jammies and a towel and a blanket in the dryer, then i put her in a warm shower. NOT COLD not room temp, but warm maybe a little cooler than her normal shower temp. I would wash her from head to toe and talk calmly to her. If she wanted the water warmer, I warmed it up. And she calmed down within 15 minutes. Then I bundled her up with the warm Jammie and blanket and cuddled her while she napped. The shower gave her system something else to focus on and forget what caused the anxiety. It was a RX that caused it. She has been taken off that med and her Dr was ok with how I calmed her down

I am 28 and still throw a fit that I have to wake up. :joy:
Honestly give him some time.
He might be 2 but maybe he just needs time to fully wake up.
Don’t over stimulate him when you wake him up.
Turn on the TV or a tablet for Half an hour and just let him sit and chill.
Then approach him again:)


I read 90% of the comments my husband and I have 5 kids between us youngest being 3 who we have custody of from previous relationship but once I had more than 1 child it was no longer nap how ever long you want or when you napped. They took naps when it was nap time sometimes it varried due to apprs but they got up when nap time was over no take your time safe space blah blah. And all 3 of my boys are now functioning men. So if he wakes up and cry’s he cry’s continue about your day, he will figure it out at least if he’s crying you know where he try ignoring it and he will see that he will learn to self sooth quick enough

I have 6 children now, 2 of which are already adults and tbh I don’t know what you should do because my children never behaved that way; I only know what I would have done and it falls no where under tolerance so I’m gonna leave this to those whom think they know better. Good luck


My son freaks out to if we wake him up so I let him wake up on his own I’ll go in his room turn the lights on and say his name a few times then walk out and he gets up on his own and will be in a great mood but if I go in there and just wake him up out of his sleep he cry’s for like an hour so Ive been letting him do it himself and it’s been great

If I don’t go in and wake my 3 year old it would be gone mid-day before he woke up. So when we have school I tend to go in, open his curtains, say his name a few times and then let him stir naturally - otherwise world war 3 breaks out :woozy_face: Just be calm, soft lighting, light distraction methods etc - suggest going and making breakfast together. Xx

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Just give I’m some time

My daughter does this. She is 3. I’ve found the only thing that works is for me to be in the bed with her when she wakes up so I usually go into her room about an hour into her nap and lay down with her until she wakes up.

I teach preschool. We let them take a nap with music on, when they wake up they will lay there and still listen to it until they’re ready to move. Calming music. Screen time maybe too stimulating. Also help them identify their feelings. Say things like I see that you’re tired, your face looks angry, tell them they can be in a safe place until they’re ready to get up. That place could be on the couch on their bed anywhere that’s a cozy special spot where they can safely throw a fit and you know that they can do that without being hurt. When they throw a fit during other parts of the day help them identify their feelings and ask them if they need to go to the safe place to help calm down. Don’t use it as a punishment. Remember two year olds are just learning how to get along in the world with their feelings and they quite often don’t know how to calm down on their own. Sometimes just asked if they need a hug.


Lord at some of these comments smh… A safe place? Really? The whole home is a safe place (or should be) offering a child a safe place is exactly why we got these entitled, selfish lil pink pucci hat wearing Snowflakes running around. 1st I’d see if he had a bad dream, then I’d make sure he wasn’t hurt. 3rd, either go back to bed or go sit on the couch and watch TV while I make you a drink and snack. If that don’t work, I’m bout to whip your ass!!!

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I would try a special blanket if they always nap with it will become familiar & one that is super soft to touch

Ignore him. Act like he doesn’t bother you when he acts up. Eventually he will stop when he see’s that it’s not getting any of your attention. Be patient

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Have you tried baby wearing after naps? Put him in a Tula!