How can I help the soreness from breastfeeding?

Hey guys I have a question! I have tried a lot of things to help but nothing is working. I breast feed my new born but he don’t latch at all so I pump an my boobs stay sore all the time an I feel like all I do is pump pump an pump. What can I do to help with the soreness…


Pump worked best for me. Warm showers massage. Try the nipple shield maybe baby will be able to latch

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time. takes a bit for your body to get used to it

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Coconut oil massages in the shower. It sounds weird but it works for me. Make sure the water is really warm. Be patient, our bodies have to get adjusted to constantly being milked :roll_eyes::weary:

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Time mostly and I’d speak with a lactation consultant

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Cabbage over breasts


Relax with the baby & Try different positions you guys will figure it out. Proud of you for still trying! If you feel calm it will be natural for baby. Good luck


Coconut oil or olive oil massages. This would have been more helpful if done during pregnancy

Have your baby checked for toungue/lip ties. Its a simple procedure to fix if thats the problem.


Lanolin. You can find it at Walmart or Walgreens in the baby section. Also pumping sucks, if you can’t afford to pay a lactation consultant try to talk to one through WIC they should be able to help you get them to latch. From what I learned, you want the baby facing you with their tummy flat against yours, then you get a good grip on your breast and pinch your nipple flat like a sandwich. Press down on your baby’s chin to get their mouth open all the way and make sure you get your whole nipple in their mouth. If you do it right it shouldn’t hurt, but if he refuses to get his mouth all the way open (like my son did, he had a lip tie and a tongue tie) definitely get the nipple shields. It usually takes a week for them to train the baby to keep their mouth open, but I used them longer than that.

Follow up with the hospital it receive help with breastfeeding


Do you have an infection I’d go to your Dr and call Breadtfeeding Australia for some great advice

Place soaken tea bags on them aloe vera helps pump as u.can but have some formula.give.your.nipples a little.break I did.this luck your rest comes.time.for feeding.your bottle.feed while you rest

Lanolin cream and tea bags that were soaked in hot water. My doctor told me about the tea bags. Both of these helped me when I was nursing my son.

Check your baby isn’t tongue tied with your doctor. There are excellent patches you can put on your nipples to heal too. Get in touch with the breastfeeding team through your midwife and good luck x

Once your breast start making the milk, the health benefit is gone for baby, you move into the bonding time and saving $$ on formula. If you don’t have an infection and doctor clears you of all other issues, baby doesn’t latch, stop the torture. Start mixing in formula and gradually move over to it and stop the pain. Bottle or Breast fed, you can bond with baby, it’s health is not in prolonged breast feeding. Some mothers can’t and there is nothing wrong with it, it’s about your baby. Good Luck!

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Multi mam nipple patches from chemist warehouse.

Have bub checked for tounge tie.

Warm pack or warm shower before expressing. Look at bub whilst expressing (it helps the ‘let down’). Cold pack on afterwards.

No tight bras. No underwire.

Drink a decent amount of water.

You Tube - deep latch techniques.

Pump every 3 hours.

This will pass. I too had huge issues first and second time (7 years appart). I fed first until 14 months ans 2nd bubby is almost 12 months and we are going strong. It’s not easy. It’s so hard. I promise it will gwt easier.

The more you pump, the more milk you make. This will be increasing your tenderness and making it harder for bub to latch on. Some great advice from the ladies before me, have you tried laying on your back with bub on top and feeding that way? Cuddling and relaxing? Also great for gulpers . Ask at your baby clinic or local nursing mothers assoc for guidance.

It’s important that you continue to pump.

Also, speak to your doctor. You may have mastitis, and your doctor can give you medication and/or teach you ways of massaging your breasts to help with that.

Mostly, though: be patient with your body Mumma. It’s learning, the same way you are.

Scrub ur nipples with a toothbrush in the shower. I have 4 kids n it helped toughen them up and never hurt when o breastfeed! Sounds weird but works mother in law taught me this trick.