How can I increase my milk production?

How can I increase my milk production? I’m postpartum one week, and I’m only pumping 5 oz per session? Exclusively pumping baby was born 28weeks? I’m worried ill tank soon.


Look here! Tons of resources!

That is actually really good for only the first week. Pump frequently, drink lots and lots of water and try oatmeal in the mornings, brewers yeast tablets, and mother’s milk tea


Newborns only take about 3 ounces at a feeding so pumping 5 ounces is good! It should increase in the next few weeks

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Have you tried CoBoo spray? It’s a pumping spray and is amazing.

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Power pump look up some guides it mimicks cluster feeding

5 ounces a session is great for your first week ! You’re doing awesome ! Mine always increased little by little the more I pumped and nursed

That’s actually a lot!! Newborns only drink maybe 3 oz and your baby will clusterfeed which will boost supply. Keep pumping and let baby clusterfeed.

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Body armours and oatmeal

5 oz is a lot!!! It’s only been one week! I’m breastfeeding my one month old and I only pump 3 ounces.

That’s really good output! Babies only need 24-32oz a day, roughly 1.5oz an hour. A newborn’s tummy is so small, they really don’t need much! I’m 3 months pp, EBF, and I average about 3oz on the occasions I do pump, which is more than enough for my LO :slight_smile:


As weird as it sounds…massage your breasts…thats what I did before and after and I produced loads! Xx

5oz a session is AMAZING. I would have been happy with 2oz! But if you need to up your supply try Mother’s Milk tea, power pumping (ask Dr. Google) and stay hydrated. I also ate lactation cookies- you can get them at Target.

5oz is really good for one week postpartum. Your baby shouldn’t be needing more than that per feeding right now. I mean, I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure you’re doing alright

Only? I think you’re doing pretty good! Your body will only produce what it needs to feed your baby.

For the baby being only a week old you’re doing amazing. The best way to up production is baby to boob. Even having a blanket they have been on can help prompt your boobs to produce

5 oz per session? I’m 2 weeks pp and I pump at max 2-3 ounces… I say your doing pretty dang good.

Newborns don’t drink that much so whatever you have left over freeze for a stash.

How many sessions are you pumping because at one week PP that is amazing!!! I’m 3 months PP and get 6oz usually and pump 6x. But before that I pumped 7-8x a day and only got 3oz until I was about a month up then i sloy started getting more.
There are foods that help increase supply. Usual ingredients are steel oats, fenugreek, flax seed, and brewer’s yeast. These items can be baked into cookies or brownies or put into smoothies. Stay hydrated body armor sports can help keep you hydrated. Keep up calories.
You’re doing amazing!