How can I increase my milk supply?

Tips and tricks for helping increase breastmilk supply! Any good vitamins, foods, etc., that moms felt helped them with their supply? Thanks in advance


Fenugreek, mothers tea, odouls beer

Goats rue herbal supplement, builds breast tissue

For me it was hot chocolate. I’d drink a cup within 10-15 mins my milk was back

I’ve heard a few people say that the body armour drinks helped.

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I drink body armor every day, I would like to say it works :blush: oatmeal also helps me.

Latch latch latch latch its supply and demand system so keep hydrated and latch as much as possible :slight_smile:

Whole uncut oats for breakfast and fenugreek supplements

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Also pump, pump, pump. The more demand you create, the more your body will try to produce.

Be careful with things like fenugreek. It reduces supply for a lot of people. Mothers milk tea has fenugreek in it.

A bowl of oatmeal and an avacado every morning along with drinking lots of water did it for me.

Drink lots of water and oat milk, oatmeal, I used to drink a blue moon every morning, the beer yeast helps produce milk, but really you have to manage stress that’s what killed my milk supply. I’ve heard pumping after every feeding at least 10 min or 20 or every hour at least 8-12 feedings a day your milk supply should boost. Also massaging breasts while feeding

Getting enough water in is so important! Drink half your weight in ounces of water if you aren’t doing anything strenuous. For example, if someone weighs 200lbs they’ll want to drink 100 ounces of water. It seems like a lot but it works! The easiest way to get your water in is the 10 gulp rule. Every time you get a drink take 10 big sips. It really helps. Also getting your water in will help you feel better as well! I have so much energy now.

Make lactation cookies, theirs recipes on Pinterest. I didn’t want to get super fat from needing to consume extra calories- so I made protein shakes and smoothies a lot.
Eat oatmeal everyday.
No matter your Los age- skin to skin contact with baby will get your hormones in gear.
Fish eggs avocados… Great things to keep your body strong and not lacking in calories it takes to make milk … But im not sure it actually promotes it.
I had issues with low supply 3 times with my son recently so I power pumped. I got a haakaa - best little device ever!
HAND EXPRESS your milk. To get your supply up its a lot more about consistency… Keep at it every HR. Take a bath with your baby and just lay and relax with them. Eat carrots. Sunflower lecithin can help loosen any clogs, promoting good flow.

Body armor drinks work, never thought they would until I tried it

Brewer’s yeast, flax seed

Drink a lot of water. Eat oats. Pump - if I do all 3 of these my milk supply will come in extra strong

OATMEAL. i exclusively pumped and i ate oatmeal every morning. On the days i disnt have oatmeal my supply drastically dropped. Also, have a beer or two. I could have JUST pumped and had a beer and would be leaking to all get out

Drink lots. Fenugreek supplements helped me tons. Dark beer if you like it. Pump whenever you can. Breastfeeding is about supply and demand.

Hydrate (water or body armor) make sure baby is latching well, nurse on demand, after baby is full pump

Keep taking your prenatal vitamins and drink lots of cold water. Eat healthy foods.