How can I introduce my child to our Christmas tree?

I’m curious how you all introduced your little ones to the Christmas tree? My daughter is about 1.5, and I’m so scared she’s going to rip the whole thing down. Any tips or tricks to prevent that would be wonderful! (a gate around the tree isn’t an option, unfortunately) Thank you in advance


We have twin boys of the same age and the husband and I were just talking about this…no good ideas yet lol

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Only put ornaments on the top half . Best of luck to you lmao


My daughter is the same age. I went on Amazon and ordered a felt one just for her that im putting up early. Hoping it helps

Get her a small one. Mommy has one, she has one


Let her help u set it up and show her how pretty and delicate it is and to be easyyy. Then if she wnats to play with it, say no. If she refuses to leave it alone let her know its going up. They can understand what you’re saying way before they can speak. Just make it exciting and let her know to be cautious and maybe she will listen. Worth a try! Good luck!:christmas_tree:


Air horn???:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: jk, my daughters 10 now- never had an issue lol

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Redirect. We had a gate uo when he was one(dec bday) it went around the tree so he couldnt touch honetsly we havent had a gate now for 3 years and he doesnt even bother it. He LOVES decorating it too. There is also the floam wall ones that is made for the kids to play with so you can redirect to their “own” tree.

Honestly my son’s about 16months and mines up he hasn’t messed with it much…whenever he gets near it I tell him no and he backs off (usually) I say wing it devise plans as problems arise

My son is the same age and we just don’t let him touch the tree at all. When he gets close we tell him “no” or “leave it alone” …he knows the meaning of both. He has gotten in trouble a few times for messing with it but he is learning.

I bought unbreakable plastic ornaments they could put on the tree. I handled the fragile ornaments near the top of the tree.

I put one of those kid gates/fences around ours. As they got older I would only put “kid friendly” (aka plushie and unbreakable) ornaments within their reach. Also, try not to leave the kiddo unsupervised in the room with the tree.

I put a playpen around my tree the first year. He had just turned one at the time.

I tied my tree to the corner so it couldn’t be pulled down and only put non breakable ornaments on the bottom and just kept working on no touch . Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be .

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I had to hang things on the bottom part of the tree, with a bucket next to it, and he was allowed to pull those off, and put them back on, I made sure they were easy to get off and on, so they didn’t pull on the tree! This year im putting his train track around the bottom, so that’ll distract him.

Put up a baby gate because she’s a toddler and very likely to mess with the tree. Better safe than sorry.

Put it inside of one of those portable crib things and wrap it with Christmas paper like a christmas present

We always just got a smaller tree and didn’t put much on it but small candies they could take and eat and nothing heavy so if they were to tip over it would scare them more than hurt them… ive got 3 kids and only my youngest was the one who kept messing with it after a tumble

When my daughter was little, I bought those foam alphabet letters for the tub, poked holes in them, and made them into our ornaments. If and when she pulled them off, we’d practice our letters and simple words. It was safe, fun, and educational! She never pulled on the tree itself - I think because it was prickly. :grin: Good luck, momma!

Only use unbreakable ornaments. Cuz ni matter what you do she will play with them.