How can I keep a toddler entertained on a long car ride?

I am leaving Tuesday for an 18 hr car ride. My son is a little over 2.5 years old. 1. He has a kids fire (that we never use), so I need app ideas to keep him entertained. (We have Disney, and Netflix, so will be downloading some movies and shows) 2… Any fun activities for in the car? I thought about bringing a dry erase board. And a coloring book. But that’s it.


Games! My son is the same age with a tablet and he loves to play his games!
Elmo 123s
PBS kids games

Download a coloring app. That way he doesn’t draw all over. My kids napped a lot. Bring some favorite toys. Make sure you make stops so he can stretch out.

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Get the Melissa & Doug water wow books! My toddlers love them!


Maybe get a big cookie sheet or something else with edges that he could drive some hot wheels on without the toys sliding off.

Dvd player for back seat

Snacks every of the snacks… dont forget extra snacks… and Tablet or portable DVD player

Leave early will sleep then after let him run around stretch. Eat play whatever nap eat sleep

I took my kids on a 10 hour ride when they were 1 and 3. They each had their fire but barely used it. They were busy looking out the window or sleeping. We also stopped a few times to let them run and play at rest stops.

They had crayons, but wound up dropping them and got mad when told the crayons were staying on the seat or floor because I couldn’t reach them.

Snacks!!! Cook sippy cup! A grabber my little one had a lot of fun with this and helps pick up anything dropped. Picnic! So when you stop and let him run you can make food fun too.

Window clings for the window. Cocomelon on Netflix. Color wonder markers/coloring book. Etch a sketch. We make a similar drive every year from Ohio to Texas and my daughter is 2.5 too

I would definitely download movies from Disney Plus. My daughter also has a kids laptop that she uses - It’s by leap frog (I think) and is great for helping her learn letter, numbers, and animals.

I also bring books because my daughter reads a lot. I’d stay away from coloring books/dry erase boards because that may create a mess. Stop whenever possible to allow him to stretch his legs as much as possible.

Some good games are apps by Toca Boca and Dr. Panda.

Something that helps my toddler on long car rides is the Disney soundtrack we have. I bought it on Amazon for $9.00 and it has tons of classic Disney songs. She like to listen sing and eventually falls asleep.

Don’t forget window screen to block the sun if its sunny when travelling.

Cookie sheet and magnets … abcs numbers any kind of magnets


The thought of a 18 hour car drive makes me feel physically sick, I get terrible car sickness, maybe pack some empty bags just incase🤢

I bought a portable DVD player.

We took my grandson 2 1/2 on a trip like that. Make sure you keep the tablet and DVD player charged. He had meltdowns on that one. Also he liked looking for animals, mostly cows. Lol. Rest stops for play, picnic food. We were in the car for almost 12 hours, he did pretty good.

Some fave books or photo books with people he can identify, grandparents, mom, dad, pets, aunts, uncles, babysitters…easy play toys… dinosaurs, small stuffed animals