How can I keep my 2-year-old in his car seat?

How do I for my two-year-old to stop coming out of his car seat? The straps are tight enough, I’ve had two professionals check. He is in a 5 point obviously. He just pushes the chest piece all the way down, pulls one arm out, and then the other. Most of the time, I catch him there but, sometimes he gets all the way out. I’ve pulled over and spanked him and fixed him. I’ve yelled. Most of the time, when I say his name and say “put your belt on,” he puts them back in. Then I still have to pull over and fix the chest piece. I turned him forward at the recommendation of my doctor. We thought it would keep him from getting out if he could see more. Obviously, forward is safer than climbed out. Yet that only worked for a bit. We leave in 2 days for a 15-hour car ride and can’t have him doing that. I don’t wanna make it unsafe, either.


Pretend you need to go somewhere that he wants to go, but tell him he can’t go because he won’t stay in the carseat and it’s not safe. Then let him watch you drive away. Do that a couple times before your trip and I bet he figures things out real quick.


Baling twine. Works like a charm


Put a shirt on him that has buttons on it, button the buttons over his chest straps


There are chest clips you can buy that make it difficult for kids to slip the buckle down. :slightly_smiling_face: But try alternatives first, like a reward system for when he stays strapped in. He also might be doing this because he is bored, make sure he has plenty of entertainment to keep him busy.

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Houdini Stop - you can purchase at most baby stores :blush:


Personally I don’t think spanking is correct discipline choice. I’m not against spanking as a discipline action but I think it should only be used in specific needed situations… Its VERY normal for them to figure out they can control their straps.
I stand by the opinion of explaining/showing safety and importance of buckles…
Another suggestion is when you know he has pulled arms out. Stop short to legit show him how extream his body flings in a dangerous situation.


Personally this is why we have the tablet. It keeps my daughter occupied and she doesn’t fuss over the car seat


Toys? Portable DVD player…

Nicely slam on the brakes when hes half way out… gonna hurt a little but will scare him…


I told my two year old that the police would come and growl at him so now he keeps his arms in and tells me the police comming lol not sure if that will work for you but thats what worked for me


Make sure his straps arent to tight !

Dvd player? Toys? Tablet? Put his favorite show on a phone and hillbilly strap it to your head rest.

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Our daughter was an escape artist. I bought a couple of toys on rings and attached them on the straps so they hit about where the clip was. She would start playing with them and forget about wanting out of the seat. But for long trips, I had to ride in the backseat with her for a while

I bought mine a new seat she couldnt get out of, but she was undoing the chest strap

It’s a phase… my first did it for a little while. Just waiting for for 3 yr old to start… :rofl::rofl:

Go to the ploice maybe call frist and see if tou can have an officer talk to them about the safety of seat belt and why its important to wear them and what can happen to moomy if he gers caught not in his seat. Had to do it with my daughter at about that age even maybe a fireman at the fire station could help


Try getting a different buckle or a different car seat with a buckle that is harder to get unbuckled. The car seat my son is in has a chest clip that is difficult for adults to get unclipped let alone a toddler.

Otherwise, put a spray bottle in your car and spray him every time he does this and tell him it’s not okay. It works quite well. Or tell him you’re going to his favorite place and leave him home with dad. Make sure he knows he can’t go with because he won’t leave his belt on.


I showed my kid YouTube videos of what would happen if your not seatbelt or in your car seat .
The crash dummy videos.
Now he tells me to put on a seatbelt .

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Wait until he’s 3 and can get out of it completely while you’re running 70 on the freeway. That’s what I’m currently going through. Talk about scared to frigging death.