How can I keep my baby comfortable on our flight?

My husband and I are planning to visit his Brother in NC. We have to board two planes. Each flight will take 2 hours each, and we will have to wait at the airport for about 1.5 hrs. I have a two-year-old and 17 weeks pregnant. I heard when the plane takes off babies’ ears will pop. Is this true? What did you do to comfort baby and helping cope with pain if his ears do pop? Any ideas to keep him busy on the plane and while waiting at the airport??


Give him a bottle or soppy cup to drink from during take off and landing. Also lots of stuff that he enjoys playing with when home to keep him occupied


I have traveled with the ear pain before but neither of my kids (5 & 1 at the time) had that problem so I’m not sure if that’s completely true. They said chewing gum for adults helps with the ears from popping. Maybe you can give your 2 year old something to munch on when the planes takes off. Favorite show with headphones may helps to keep them occupied

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He needs something to drink for takeoff and landing. Lots of snacks and toys lol

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We just got back from a long journey yesterday with my 2 year old. One of the legs was 5 hours. Have lots of snacks. We used a divider container and put different stuff in it that we know he likes! Have a sippy of something for take off and landing to help with ear popping. You could always give Motrin before the flight to help with discomfort. My son has tubes so I think that helped. Download his favorite shows on iPad, apps for toddlers. Mine really enjoyed “duck duck moose”. Stickers, small pack of play doh, paper with crayons, favorite stuffed animal. Dry erase book. You’ll be surprised how fast 2 hours goes by! Cruise through the dollar store to find stuff he’d like but don’t show him til the flight. And ration them so he has something new to play with about every 30 min! My son loves airplanes and loved looking out of the window! If you can bring your stroller on board that’s great for cruising through the airport to kill time. Bring lots of hand sanitizer and wipes! We also brought a little spray bottle of Lysol. We wiped EVERYTHING. Even the paper items in the seat pocket cuz he always likes to play with those. You are allowed up to 12oz or sanitizer and TSA will need to test it. I had my husband board first to prep/clean our seating area then I boarded with my son at the very last second. Hope this helps!!

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A bottle, sippy or pacifier will help that since hes not old enough to chew gum.

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My son was uncomfortable with his ears popping on the plane. He was 1.5 years old. & I think it kinda upset his belly taking off. He screamed the whole hour flight. I tried his tablet, snacks, a drink, my phone, toys, money, he just SCREAMED & I’m pretty sure everyone hated me by the time the plane landed :upside_down_face: just make sure they get some energy out in between. Let him/her run around the airport a bit. Stretch their bodies!

Just pray your baby is in a good mood. Mine is fairly behaved & hated plane rides.

I have my little one snacks to eat as we took off and landed. It bothered my older one and I when we landed.

I gave my boy a zippy cup or had the sucking on something during take off, I also brought musical books and toys (put tape over speaker, brings down volume, also just make sure you make it a fun experience for them… it was more tough for us when we had a night flight day was easy but the night flight was dreadful for me, then again it was just me a little dude

We took a dummy and a milk bottle and my son did great on an 8 hour flight x

When we flew with our 2 yo.
We gave him fruit snacks and a soppy cup to help with his ears popping when we accended and decended.

we kept the whole Expiernce “fun and exciting” we let him bring his favorite toy and let him look out the window, and eventually he ended up napping because of the time we flew

I gave my son a lollipop at landing and take off and had no issues

Pacifier, sucker, juice pouch, bottle, sippy cup - anything they can suck on while the plane is climbing or in the process of landing.

My daughter did not have a problem flying at 2 year Michigan to Florida and back with connecting flights.

I however took lots of fruit snacks and gold fish to keep her snacking while we were taking off and such. Worked well for us!

Sippy cups or a lollipop. I also put mine in their carseat Snacks will work with the chewing motion

I’ve given my son fruit snacks or having lollipops for them to suck on.

Tablet, blippi and a small toy plane

Give him something to suck on at take off and landing

if the ear pain is bad when you take off/land wet tissue in two plastic cups and put over ears. Stops all the pressure being able to get to the ears… I had the worst time with that when I was young and I did it every time… sucking on something on take off and landing is a brill idea too… pacifier would be perfect if they aren’t too old for one. And entertainment wise I used an old phone handset and downloaded loads of apps and books and games… it’s easy to carry, turn it into flight mode and no toys to pick up and find after the flight… You can get kids headphones too that are animal/cartoon themed

Gum or hard candy can get stuck in their throat. DO NOT USE.