How can I keep my newborn awake during the day?

What are some things to do to keep a two week old more awake during the day? Nights and days are mixed up since we came home from the hospital, and mama is tired!


IMO its much to early to mess with that. More time is needed for them to adjust to being outside the womb. Newborns need the sleep and sleep alot in the beginning. Dont worry it won’t last forever, hang in there. Maybe find someone to help you a couple hours a day so you can rest if you don’t want to or can’t rest when the baby does. Good luck


You don’t. Still too early. Let them sleep when they’re tired and when they are sleeping, get some sleep yourself. Don’t worry about if your house looks like a tornado came through. Totally understandable and natural right now. Congratulations on your new addition :heart:


Sleep when they do it’s too early to do anything


You are in baby time. :blush::rose:

Routine routine routine! My son has slept through the night since the day he was born and my daughter shortly after. Congratulations!


Sleep when they do :green_heart: they eat every few hours at this age. Your baby will get on a sleep schedule when it a little older, but 2 weeks is too early. Maybe y’all to your doctor and see what they say. They may have different advice than mine did


Newborns sleep a lot. That’s how they grow. Get some sleep when they sleep. And also like someone else mentioned maintain as strict of schedule as possible and they’ll eventually adapt.


You cant. They are supposed to sleep.


You don’t leave the baby sleep sleep when the baby sleeps it’s a newborn

Light, noise, sound, during the day.

Dark, quiet time at night.

Just wing it as much as possible. Nobody sleeps in the newborn phase.


You can’t keep a newborn awake that’s just mean. They sleep when they wanna sleep.


My grandma says roll them down the length of the bed carefully though old wise tail

It’s a newborn. They’re supposed to sleep whenever they want.


Newborns sleep! It is just the way it is. Take it one day at a time. And ask for help too.


Had this problem with 2 out of 3 kids. Literally would be awake most of night as a newborn. I ended up using old wives tale and rotated them 3 times counterclockwise VERY carefully obviously and have someone help. It worked with both times i did this. That night their whole sleeping pattern changed. It was heaven. Lol good luck!


be thank ful he is sleeping they dont know the difference between day and night yet

You can’t, sleep when you can ask for help if you need to but at 2 weeks old thats totally normal and expected

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i’m confused by everyone’s reaction to this. yeah a newborn’s sleep schedule is not gonna be perfect but it’s helpful to get them on a schedule where they have more of their wake windows during daylight hours and more sleep at night.

keeping the room bright during the day and only having a dim lamp/nightlight at night helps. newborns don’t get too easily entertained but showing them colorful things and new and interesting objects could make their wake windows slightly longer until they zonk out. but overall the most important thing is just making a clear distinction between day and night with a bedtime routine and lighting, and encouraging sleep during that time.