How can I keep my toddler safe on our taxi ride?

My son’s father and I are separated. My son sees him in a family center on a weekly basis. The contact was suspended due to the pandemic but will resume from next week. I’m really anxious about traveling by my 16-month-old in a taxi (I don’t have a car atm). What precautions can I take for my son during traveling? He won’t be able to wear a face mask. What else can be done to protect him? Also, in addition to the precautions the family center staff would have taken, are there any additional measures that can be taken while he’s visiting with his dad? I’ve been completely housebound for the past three months to protect myself and my son, but this is something I can’t avoid even if I want to. I’m so stressed about next week


I think hand sanitizer and then wash hands at center. You could even bring clorax wipes and wipe down things he may touch in taxi. I’m pretty sure they have to clean good anyways but just for extra procaution.

Put him directly in car seat and wipe down anything he can reach from there. Rear facing car seat and open the windows. Make sure you and the driver wear a mask. Hand sanitizer after you/he touch anything in the car. You’ll be fine, good luck!


Get a carseat cover might not help much but hopefully enough that’s what I’m doing for my one month old when we go to doctor appointments


You have to live in the world with germs… Frequent hand washing is really all that’s needed…


Why isn’t he able to wear a face mask?
Besides sanitizing every surface, extremely thoroughly, that he will be in contact with and using liberal amounts of hand sanitizer, there really won’t be much you can do personally.
If I was in that situation I would call the center a few days ahead of time and ask that they ensure the room that will be used it completely, and properly, cleaned and disinfected before arrival. Also would request to bring my own toys/entertainment rather than communal items.


Please don’t put a mask on a baby that little. They can re-breathe, and suffocation is a risk that I, personally, would not take.


I see others saying it also, thank god, but do not a put a face mask on your baby holy hell.


Put him in his carseat and bring hand sanitizer

I would try talking to the Dad to see if he would consider postponing visit until COVID is over or meet outside somewhere.

I had seen this and thought they where neat.

If you have a baby in a rear facing car seat you can put a light gauzy blanket over the top of the whole thing and check on your baby often. Rear facing would be safer regarding droplets I hope.

Children under 5 it is not recommended for because they cant not tell you if it is causing them a problem

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best of luck with your sitution

My sons 3, and we take a cab daily to work and daycare. He doesn’t wear a face mask
We do use hand sanitizer after getting out.

All the comments above are amazing ideas!
I especially want to second the hand sanitizer and wipes. Everything baby will touch or be near should be disinfected. The car seat cover may be useful, but only if baby will be staying in car seat the whole time; otherwise pointless imo.
I can’t think of anything else you could bring, however from my experience I find it so benefiting to LIMIT what you take. ie; no soother, only one sippy or bottle, socks but no shoes, avoid taking toys or things that can easily be contaminated by being dropped. In my area the hospitals are requesting no purse, only one bag for the child and mother to share with limited unneeded items. Good luck :ok_hand:

Carry hand sanitizer with you as well as the lysol wipes to clean surfaces baby will be touching or just clean hands after because kids touch everything!!!

My 3 yo won’t wear a mask, so I put the rain cover over the stroller or car seat when necessary…i knew how hard it is

Uber or lyft its way cheaper then a taxi but they say children under 2 shouldn’t wear face mask

Get one of the car seat covers that enclose the seat but are breathable

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