How can I kick my smoking addiction?

I have been a smoker since I was 16-years-old. I am 32 now, and I am about to have my first child. When I found out that I was pregnant, I quit cold turkey and didn’t even give it a second thought because of my child. But now that I am set to give birth soon, all I can think about is when I will be able to smoke again. I thought this would be easy because it has been eight months since I have even craved a cigarette, but the cravings have been coming back knowing that I can soon smoke again…how did yall kick this? I don’t want to smoke again but feel like I need too! Help!


You’ve gone this long without smoking, don’t give in!!

Sadly, Ive been smoked since 16, quit for both pregnancies, and im still smoking now (kids are now 7&5)

Just keep thinking about your child, second hand smoke is just as bad, as is third hand.

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We did the lozenges they worked pretty well. If we were dying for one we did the e-cigarettes (not the vapes) we quit within 4 months.

Suckers like dum dums will help you get through the sporadic cravings. Stick to it girl!! You’ve done so great!

Google the effects on second hand smoke on your child. That SHOULD help

I vape now, one bad habit to the next but once you are ready you’ll just do it! It’s been 5years and the first 2 years I still was craving them! You can do it!

You just have to keep thinking that you cant smoke anymore. You cared enough to quit while your baby is inside, you should have no problems in caring enough while your child comes into the world. You dont want your child to smell you as an ashtray right? You dont want to touch or smoke around your child right? You dont want to possibly die sooner rather than later because you smoked right? You have this long without it… You can go on forever now.

Also, as the child of a mother who smoked.

I was embarrassed of my mother cause she reeked.

I didnt want to hug her because then I reeked

And I REFUSED to let her touch my face or help pull my teeth cause her fingers smelled and tasted horrible.

It’s still bad for the baby if you keep smoking

Everytime you think about a smoke just sit down with a bottle of water and drink the whole thing as if you were sitting for a smoke. Do this everytime and it will help. The craving only last 5 minutes once u think about one. My mom did this and she was able to quit after 30 yrs. Good luck!!

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Just don’t lite the first one

If you could quit cold turkey for your baby during pregnancy, you could try to continue with the same mindset. Second hand smoke is bad for babies lungs and they become higher risk for asthma.

PLEASE stop smoking not just for your children but for you! I smoked since I was 17 I am now 54 haven’t smoked in almost a year, quit cold turkey, every single day is so hard but I have COPD and now use an inhaler so please stop!!! It sucks not being able to breath!!

Think of your baby - second hand smoke can harm him!

Put them down and don’t pick them back up. You’ll get through it

Google third hand smoke and the link to sids. That’s what changed my mind.

that craving sneak up on you throughout life… just keep your same mindset… now the baby will be here… the nicotine will be in your clothes, on your lips, on your hands and can be absorbed by your baby… youve done great so far… you got this momma…


Pretend u are still preg. And theyll go away again lol