How can I lose weight while on the depo?

I need help with losing some weight. I am on the depo, and i am having a hard time getting my body back

Eat right and work out. Im on the depo and lost 53lbs by just eating healthier, smaller portion sizes and moderately working out.

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the horror stories with weight keep me running from it

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Stop getting depo and Get on something else depo is bad

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Stop eating so much lol


Eat healthy, work out, and consider a different form of birth control. Hormonal birth control is horrible for weight loss.

Workout and eat right. That’s it.

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From my OB i heard the depo is bad for you, it thins out your bones ! I would try a different birth control!

Change contraception

Depo sux i gained 40 lbs on it and i stopped it and had a horrid time trying to lose it best bet is to just not get on depo bc i never could lose weight on it

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Like some of the other women said, Eat healthy and exercise. My doctor told me that the depo pretty much tricks your body into thinking it’s pregnant, that’s why so many women gain weight.

It’s a proven fact that Drpo increases your hunger, so try to watch what your eating and try healthy snacks to curb the extra hunger

Good luck. Get off shot . I was on it 10 years.

For the people who are saying “stop eating and eat right” obviously haven’t been on the depo shot !! One of the side affects is increased appetite ! Either give the girl some positive advice (without shaming) or shut the hell up and don’t comment… bunch of cunts


Some practical tips:
Think of colorful vegetables as your main source of food. Put half as many carbs & protein and twice as many vegetables on your plate.

Only eat hormone free meats, and use more as a garnish vs. the main thing on your plate. Growth hormones, pesticides & antibiotics in our meat @ dairy supply are making us fat, killing us & the environment. Switch to brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole grain or vegetable pasta (or zoodles or spaghetti squash), 100% whole grain bread with sprouts, seeds, nuts, and limit quantities. Quinoa is a good grain & cooks quickly. Sub plain Greek yoghurt for sour cream, hummous or guac for mayo.

Give up eating out as much as possible & go for vegetables (Wendy’s salads, KFC green beans & cole slaw, Popeyes beans & rice). Skip the potatoes. McDonald’s salads are not that healthy & during the pandemic it’s been tough to find anything but questionable meat & white carbs on the menu anyway.

Mediterranean/Middle Eastern restaurants have the healthiest food, then places like Cava, Sweetgreen, True Foods, maybe Panera. Clear soups with vegetables (Minestrone, hot & sour, chicken vegetable) can be OK. Get vegetable-heavy dishes and the brown rice from Asian restaurants, egg rolls are only a very special treat. At nicer restaurants get a carry out container right away. Put half the protein and half the carbs in before you dig in. Eat all the colorful vegetables, resist the bread or chips basket as much as possible (or just tell the wait staff to skip it). Add colorful vegetables to the leftovers for another meal or two.

See if you can get cauliflower crust veggie pizza from delivery, order a smaller size & pair with a big salad or other vegetables. Buy cauliflower or whole wheat crust vegetable pizzas from the freezer aisle @ health food stores for when you have a craving. Eat 1-2 pieces & wrap & freeze the rest in 1-2 piece portions.

Drink lots of water, tea (hot or iced, preferably herbal or decaf) & flavored seltzer w no sweetener. Think of soda like birthday cake: a rare treat, and get the small. It’s addictive, so the less you drink, the less you’ll crave it. Watch the alcohol. White wine, alcoholic seltzers, lite beers. Stella Artois & Coors Light actually taste like beer vs water. Fruit juice sends a hit of sugar directly to your bloodstream. Only have a very small glass, or dilute it with lots of water.

Skip cheese as much as possible or have a small piece for dessert, and make it organic (again, who needs growth hormones?). Skip dessert or have fruit or plain yoghurt with fresh or frozen fruit for dessert. Don’t buy cookies. Just avoid that aisle & the bakery at the grocery store. The less sugar you eat, the less you crave it. If you can limit yourself to a few morsels or one square, get really good dark chocolate for a once-a-day or once-a-week indulgence.

Have cut up raw vegetables, fruit, and air-popped popcorn, whole wheat pretzels (pre-measure portions in containers so you don’t binge eat) & raw nuts readily available for snacking. Buy pre-cut veggies and bagged salads at the store to save time. Go to ethnic grocery stores & look for new vegetables & healthy snacks to try to stave off boredom. Canned or jarred vegetables make good snacks too. Add Dijon mustard and mayo to drained canned mixed vegetables for an easy & tasty cold salad.

Add extra veggies to anything you cook. You can dump a bag of frozen mixed vegetables, a box of frozen chopped spinach, kale, or other greens, a bag of shredded carrots, a jar of salsa, a can of any kind of beans, fresh chopped cabbage or pre-cut onions & celery into almost anything in a pot to make it more nutritious. Dump them in spaghetti sauce too.

Have a variety of canned vegetables ready to eat any time too though frozen ones have less salt. Look up vegan & vegetarian recipes, but watch out for the cheese & fattening dairy ones. You can always add meat, poultry or fish if you must.

Eat big bowls of healthy food you like less (collards, Brussels sprouts, beets, cottage cheese, boring salads, maybe?) mindlessly in front of a screen or reading. Eat the rest mindfully without distractions, enjoying every bite and chewing thoroughly.

Yes, you may spend more time in the bathroom while your body adjusts, but it will. You can have three poops a day & it’s fine. More calories out. If you screw up, stop & get back on track. Don’t just give up & eat the whole half gallon of ice cream. Stop & adjust your intake to lower calorie stuff for the rest of the day.

Doesn’t matter what you do for exercise, just move every day in some way for at least 30 minutes, in 10-minute intervals if you need. Take your fruit, raw veggies and/or a sandwich on a walk at lunch, do yoga with a class on TV or DVD, put on music & dance, lift water jugs, do yard work, jumping jacks, jog on a mini-trampoline, go for a bike ride, do ballet plies while you are standing (your knees will thank you as you get older). Take a Mommy & Me class when it’s safe. Get the fam in an indoor pool. Some are open now by reservation & you get a lane or the shallow area to yourself w 4 or fewer people in your group.

Mix it up to get a full body workout & avoid boredom. Find an exercise buddy to keep you accountable, even if it’s just calling to check on each other.

Good luck, and good for you for making the effort to get healthier. I don’t have a scale. I can tell if I’m gaining or loosing by the fit of my clothes. Don’t obsess over every pound or inch. Muscle weighs more than fat.

The depo is extremely bad for you! It isn’t recommended after 2 years because it can destroy your bones. Also, it was originally made to be male contraceptive for sex offenders. California actually. And Alabama is wanting to use it for their sex offenders. It was denied as a birth control, I believe twice, before it finally passed. It wasn’t even originally intended for women…I started depo September 2018. I was supposed to get my last shot July 2019. I didn’t show up, because I’m extremely anemic and had been bleeding everyday since I started it. I stopped bleeding and went back to normal periods January 2020. Worse thing ever.

I’ve gained a lot on depo. I like the convience of not having periods though :roll_eyes: and I’m pretty sure it helped contribute to me breaking my leg in July since it weakens your bones and causes density. :roll_eyes: I bought skinny greens so maybe I’ll lose some lbs