How can I make going to daycare less stressful to my child?

It will pass my daughter started daycare at age 5 and she kinda hated it the first weeks would cry when I tried to leave but the teacher would take her hand and show her the toys or give a cuddle till she calmed down then she was fine with going no fits no crying or anything she goes everyday and loves it

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Sounds like something in the first few days made her feel some type of way. Talk with her.

My little one is almost three and we have this battle almost daily. He’s been in daycare since 18 weeks. We’ve interacted enough with this daycare that I am not worried about what is going on there, but know it’s part of his personality development as he’s getting good at telling me what he wants. Hopefully, it’s the same if you give it some time.

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If she’s fine after drop off then I wouldn’t worry too much. Some kiddos just don’t like saying goodbye. Make getting ready to go fun and when you drop her off, remind her that you’ll see her later and that you love her. Keep up with the routine and that should help. Best of luck mama


YOU have to be less stressed in order for your child to be less stressed


hi i don’t have a child that age but when i was younger i had a fear and anxiety of abandonment and separation issues from my mom.

my mother always sprayed my stuffed animal, or blanket for nap time, or my wrist with her signature perfume and told me whenever i missed her, to just smell my belongings or my wrist and she’d be there! she sprayed my things until i was probably 7, it helped me personally a lot :slightly_smiling_face:


My daughter is the same age and way most times too. She likes when I say she only has _ number of days at daycare then she can stay home with mommy or daddy or go to Nana and papa’s. Also, bribery for the car ride over. She loves the chewy granola bars covered in chocolate. Promises too, I say I promise mommy or daddy will pick you up in a few hours, you go have fun with friends

Have you asked her why she doesn’t want to go? I worked with kids and if they cried for any amount of time after their mom left it was more than likely anxiety but if a kid comes home and flat out refuses to go back that’s an issue. Always trust your gut! My girls are 20,18,17 I didn’t ask enough questions and be a helicopter mom and if it bothers someone else the that’s their problem. :pray:t2: prayers for the both of you


The book the kissing hand really helped us and it comes with stickers you put on your LOs hand. I also made it fun and played around like I was jealous of all the fun he was going to have. I would tease him that we could switch places and go to my job!! We literally got to the point that getting him out of there to go home was more difficult than drop off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: good luck mama :heart:

My child has been going to daycare since 6 weeks old. Same time same place monday thru friday. Shes 3. Some days she wakes up and just tells me no, i dont wanna go. Gotta ask her why, wont she miss her friends, dowsnt she wanna have fun, distract her while getting ready and bam shes ready by the time we leave.
This is brand new to her, need to take your time.

If you have a bracelet or necklace that you wouldnt mind if it got lost or broken or even go buy a cheap one that can tighten to her wrist or a necklace ask her to hold on to it for you while shes at day care and keep it safe. That’s what I did with my middle daughter with her it was just being away from me and she had harder time adjusting to new people.

Also ask why she doesn’t want to go. Tell her all the fun things shes going to do at daycare.

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i worked at a daycare in the 2-3s room and there’s always that kid that cries up to an hour after the parent leaves. they’re usually fine after they calm down and forget about it completely

Make sure you never just sneak out and you tell her that you will be back for her. But never just sneak away! You just need to find what works for her. My middle daughter went to therapy for separation anxiety (she got to the point of throwing up with the even thought of me leaving her). We figured out that onsie pajamas and the bus worked best. Not just the bus. Maybe you can find someone who you feel comfortable with to take her to daycare in the morning? I know that made the transition much easier for my daughter. But like I said, it is all about finding what works best for the 2 of you.

I used to give something of mine to the my child when she was that age. Like a glove (usually a second pair) or scarf and ask her to keep it safe for me untill I come to pick her up. She loved it. Bonus it helped with nap time too. Or sometimes it helped when I printed a small photo of her and I. I would give it to her when leaving her at daycare. Small enough for her to carry around. Good luck

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Just because she doesn’t want to go doesn’t mean something bad is happening. She could just not like the new routine… talk to her. Make it seem like “school.” Ask her questions on her day etc. there’s NO such thing as being “extra” when it comes to your kids. Pop in, call, ask to stay a little and watch her. My baby boy is 1 and I had no other choice but daycare and it’s been 2 months and drop offs are still hard. But not even 5 mins later he’s good. My daycare offers an app where I can talk to his teacher, see pictures and every update as in meals, snacks, diaper changes, incidents etc. it’s an adjustment to everyone!


I also had a hair scrunchy stuffed in my boys pocket. I told them when they miss me to reach into their pocket and feel the hair scrunchy. They would know mom is with them. Sometimes a reminder is all they need. Daycare is long hours to children especially when they haven’t been. Hang in their.

My daughter was in daycare from 8 weeks old till school. She cried 75% of that time during drop off. She even cried at school dropoff till about 1st grade. I feel ya.

I see this a lot working at mom’s day out. It usually takes a week or two for the little one to adjust, and i even have some that cry when they get dropped off but within 5 minutes of being in class they are perfectly fine. Just stay consistent as some said above, and make a point to talk about the day when you pick her up.

Ask your provider how she does once you leave?
My 2.5 yr old has a college kid watch him, he CRIES when we leave him with her BUT once we get out of eye shot he is fine.
Give a quick hug, say good bye I love you and I will see you later. Then leave.
The longer you take to leave the harder it is on them, then they think if they continue whining/crying they will get their way.