How can I make going to daycare less stressful to my child?

My oldest had alot of issues going to daycare. So I gave him a little photo book of my and daddy that he could keep in his cubby.

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My youngest had the same issues. She screamed when I walked out the door at day care. I started by leaving as quickly as possible, then a couple times I waited outside the door. In less than a minute, she was distracted and playing with her friends. It’s separation anxiety, and she finally figured out I would come back. Google it and try some of the recommendations from pre-school teachers.And, by the way, you are doing what is necessary, and you child will be fine. You’re a good mom.

Special small stuffed animal that your child is going to daycare to be a friend to. My nephew was like that and I did that and he was excited to go.

If she has a special blanket or toy let her take with her for awhile and just talk to the day care lady about how this is what she needs right now to feel comfortable about me leaving for the day. It gives her a comfort from home and mom

I created, printed and laminated a photo book.

It goes My Family
And each page is “This is my Mommy. This is my Daddy” etc.

It’s like sending a photo but with turntable pages. The staff said it was very helpful in calming him down when he missed us.

Be very explicit about when you will be picking her up. “Mommy will come back to pick you up after nap.”

I ran a licensed home daycare when my kids were little and the few kiddos whom fussed when their parents dropped them off, were perfectly fine a minute later, playing right alongside the other kiddos. Could you ask your daycare to put up cameras that you could stream to your phone?

It’s just part of life. It’s an age where she can communicate and test boundaries. Just got to get through it and she will be fine. I too was a helicopter mom. When she was in “day school” child care we spent darn near a mortgage a month for her to be there bc it had cameras I could access at any point she was there so I could see what was going on. Once she gets in the groove and makes friends she will be fine. She’s little but still talk to her on your drive home. What did you do today? What are your friends names?

I always felt so guilty if they cried when I left. It broke my heart but they were always fine shortly after I left.