How can I make my fiance fall back in love with me?

My fiance decided we need a break in our relationship for many valid reasons and is now wanting to work it out and eventually get back together. The problem is he said he’s not in love with me anymore but still loves me. How do I get him to fall back in love with me? Sex is off the table, and I’m 36 weeks pregnant with our second. Help!


You don’t. You leave.
You can’t make someone love you.


You can’t. It’s over

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It’s always when you leave they tend to want u back.

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You can, but you need to talk to him first.

As someone who has been in a relationship for 12 years, you fall in and out of love with your partner over the years. It’s normal. And having small children definitely puts strain on your relationship. I do recommend counseling, though. But as long as there’s love and mutual respect there, you should give it a chance if it’s what you both want.


Dont bother… you cant make someone love you. and there no point waiting around for it to happen. You could be waiting a long time. As hard as it might be move on an fall in love with yourself.

You can’t make anyone fall in love with you, you can work on the issues possibly that cause them to fall out of love. And like others suggested you can try counseling but there’s no way to make someone fall you in love with you. I’m sorry you’re going through this all that far pregnant but even sex( if it was on the table) can’t make people fall in love with you.

You need to reconnect as a couple. It’s not so much making him “fall back in love” with you, but reminding him why I’m the first place. Dates, activities, handwritten letters - and counseling can’t hurt. If they were valid reasons, having a third party there to help with communication will help you with that


You can’t make somebody fall in love with you.

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Why do you want to be with him tho? That’s the question. Why would you be with someone knowing they aren’t in love with you?


What a fucking dick move on his part! You’re 36 weeks preg and he pulls this shite on you? Be happy he did. Tell him to gtfo and immediately file for child support and then go file for the new baby as soon as you can. Fuck him - all these changing hormones, worries about the new baby, having another baby to worry about? Fuck him.

Counseling! And the two of you sitting down together and having a serious conversation about what is going on! But you cannot make someone love you. But you do have that right to fight for you’re relationship… i hope everything works out for you. That has to be hard to be going through being pregnant.

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Read the 5 love Language fill his love tank :heartpulse:


Don’t. You shouldn’t have to try to persuade someone to love you


Leave him move on then when he wants you back say go fuck yourself. How can you leave a woman when shes 36 weeks pregnant that’s not a man. He should be in love with you right now more than ever you are carrying his child. Goodluck I hope it works out the way you want it to.

Any real man would not expect sex at your stage. He should be focused on your condition and offering help instead of criticism.

You cant force love.

You can’t “make” someone fall in love with you. It’s in HIS heart…his choice.

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You can’t make someone be in love with you. I wouldn’t want someone that I felt I needed to make love me.