How can I make my husband understand our marriage is over?

My marriage is over. I know it but my husband refuses to accept it. How can I get him to see it?


File for divorce :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Serve him divorce papers.


File for divorce/move out.


File for divorce and move on. He doesn’t have to accept that it’s over for it to be over and you move on.


My ex was like this, over time he accepted it but I had to be tough about it when i moved out he was coming over (to see the kids and such) but we were quickly falling into familiar habits so I had to end those visits
A few months later I started seeing my biw husband and my ex acted like I did something wrong, like I was trying to hurt him blah blah blah … my advice is get the space away from each other, and focus on you and he’ll come to terms on his own … I dont think its something they easily accept sometimes


Leave? I mean… he can’t stop you. Don’t send him confusing signals either (I don’t mean be mean, but definitely be persistent and consistent… no slip ups, no cuddles or kisses, don’t give him something to cling to or hope for). Take the steps necessary to live separately if you haven’t already. Stay vocal about your intentions (again, don’t be mean… just decisive and honest).


Leave and be ready to live with what you asked for.

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I just left my husband of 16 years a month ago, been living elsewhere for almost 3 weeks and I’m not sure he’s come to terms yet. But he is in the process of filing for divorce. He told me he just wants me happy and if the divorce is what will make me happy then he will do it.

My ex was the same way. Hell the divorce went through (not that he showed up) and he thought that meant we were back to being engaged and we had to regress back to single​:woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3: serve the papers, move out, move on, cease contact.

Serve him with divorce papers

File for divorce, and keep your distance But apart from that I really don’t think theres much that you can do. Just don’t send mixed signals. That’s something that he has to come to terms with on his own.

Maybe you haven’t done anything to show him it’s over other than saying it’s over? If you haven’t filed for divorce, that might be what he is (or his mind is) waiting for to process that it’s over. Totally not your fault. You aren’t responsible for him processing it. However, you should definitely take the steps to finalize the end of it (divorce papers), move out, and stop seeing him unless absolutely necessary

My ex spouse couldn’t accept our marriage was over either even after filing for divorce he would even pop up at my home randomly to see if people were at my home…So I moved to another city and didn’t disclose my address until the courts made it to where both addresses had to be disclosed for the sake of the other parent having the right to know where the kids were. However they also added a clause stating that neither parents could harass the other at all especially at their residences.

Walk out and file for divorce!

Its not your job to make him see it. Put your words into action and move on