How can I make my husband understand our marriage is over?

My marriage is over. I know it but my husband refuses to accept it. How can I get him to see it?


I think you should go for a separation first. Marriage is not a game or a switch that you can turn off or on at will. Give each other time out. Tell him you intend to separate for a while to see how things go. Be honest with him. At the same time you dont have to suffer yourself over a finished relationship but you need to know for sure whether you actually are through or not. Don’t miss observing his reaction to all of this


He maybe good to you

You may think the next person comes along will be
Better than your ex

And one day you will wish you was back
With you old man

Then could be to late
He could find better lady than you
Think about it

The grass isn’t not greener on other side


You are going to need to take an action. Clearly he is not getting it based on what you are telling him. Leave if you can or file and have him served.


So your marriage vowels were meaningless words. Join the long list of women on match


I may have watched too many crime shows but make sure he is mentally stable, watch how he acts and what he says.
Document everything, confide in family members and pay attention to key factors that could be warning signs!
If you have kids together, make sure they’re safe first and foremost. File for divorce, and don’t give him false hope. Stand your ground and, and if you have no kids together then it should be a clean and easy break.


File for divorce?.. seems like a good way to me🤷‍♀️


Clearly moving out is the first step to me

Give him divorce papers. That normally delivers the message.


Say our marriage is over ,

Hand him divorce papers


Start dating!!! He will get the hint!!


File for divorce and serve him with divorce papers


Serve divorce papers


Get a lawyer and stop putting your problem on here where he can know what you are up to


Pack his shit and set it outside then have the divorce papers ready. That should do it

Those boots were made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do!

A divorce doesn’t have to be a mutual feeling. Only one person has to want out to make it happen. Move out, or pack his stuff and set it out. File for divorce. You need to get the process going. It is not quick and easy, especially if he isn’t cooperating.
My ex husband drew ours out over 2 and a half years begging me to take him back. (He had cheated with multiple women) Worst time of my life, but I stuck to it.


File for divorce and go about.your business. If he doesn’t get it he will when you are prepping for a date with somebody that isn’t him lol


Not knowing any specifics, all I can say is no matter what you do, protect yourself and any children first. Have a plan.

My ex didn’t get the hint either after being to go to counseling for years. He was emotionally, financially, and sexually abusive but I still wanted to see if we could make it work. When I finally decided to leave, he tried to kill me (3 times, 3 different ways). If he’s not ready to let go… You could be in danger even if he’s never been physical if abuse is something you’re facing.

To everyone saying grass isn’t always greener and vows blah blah blah…we don’t know the whole story. I was told the exact same thing because I hid the abuse like most women. Please don’t assume…I was shamed into staying longer, this is wrong… Period. We need to support each other.