How can I make my husband understand that I need his help?

No sex for him til he pays more attention

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Good luck. I wish you the best. That never happen for me. I am now a single mom after 10 years of marriage and carry the same load that I always have.

Step up into a woman’s role…we were built to be strong for a reason. Most men still want to work and provide, us women have to do both, or don’t have a man???..know your role #southernwomen


Don’t play games, don’t be petty. Every person needs their own hobbies. But try understanding why he hides in games and doesn’t attempt to help. Did he have a good example of what a father should be when he was growing up? Does he have abuse in his past that prevents him from acknowledging the needs of others? Have you tried counseling?


There is nothing wrong with it at all (at leasy for our house) my man plays everyday, sometimes more than others, but he also fathers and is my man at the same time. Hes been laid off but helps around the house and helps me with the kids, we spend time together. We all have our own “me” time every day/night to wind down and collect our thoughts or relax after a hard day. Instead of yelling or arguing we go to our spots and do our thing then come together calmly to talk


Communication. Sit down and tell him how you’d like things to go and if hes not on board pack your bags or live with it because hes not going to change. My husband use to play games and never help, even skipped my dr appts when pregnant to play games. He finally realized what he was doing when i left with our kid and didn’t come back for days… he spent the whole time on the couch and when he realized he hadn’t seen or talked to us in 3 days he put the games away. Last year I had to go full blown crazy before I finally got help. Im a stay at home mom of 3 and my husband is a nurse. He literally done nothing when he was not working. I went crazy then we talked that night and things have been much better. Noone can do it all.

Try and sit down and tell him how your feeling if he loves you he will listen work out a schedule that shares the housework and child care some people need to be told what needs to be done I do hope it works out for you both and life becomes better :revolving_hearts:

The sad part is that you shouldn’t have too, he’s a grown adult and should know or at least listened to your concerns the first time. Playing games should not come before your family, hobbies are a nice break but you need to be fulfilling your family and work responsibilities first… especially with young kids. Young kids are exhausting period, I would tell him that you need to have a serious talk after the kids go to bed. Lay everything out on the table and listen to his side also. Everyone needs a break


After 17 yrs… when you find out that answer, please share it with me :woman_facepalming:t2:

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You can divorce him and try to find someone better

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Have sex with your neighbor.

Leave his ass there with those kids and dont answer your phone all day. Bet that shit works

Disconnect the internet

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There is no excuse for his bahaviour. He needs to be a adult. He wanted a wife and children so now he has to be a husband and father. TELL HIM TO GET OFF HIS ASS. This shit happens when you have kids with a emotionally unavailable manchild instead of a mature man.

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You should really talk to your man. Stop brining your problems to facebook. Like i do everything at home and play vidio games. And i make sure my wife is taken care of. But this is for you to talk over with your man. And get the shit taken care of.

For me personally I just spaz out. My fiancé will go through spurts of neglecting me and his fatherly duties. For like a few days every so often to play to much video games after work while I deal with the kids and working and my schooling as well their schooling. When he starts saying he tired from work I yell and spaz out “you don’t think Im fu**ing tired too? No get your ass up and help me with these kids because I want sleep too.” If the yelling don’t work I throw shit. And boom. Then he is an amazing daddy and hubby . I worked 2 jobs too and he worked 1. I am in school full time and volunteer at both my kids schools as well as dealing with all extracurricular activities. I cant sit down and enjoy video games so I wont allow him to do it. If I request assistance at any given moment then I expect to get it. No excuses.

My husband isn’t all about video games but he does lack talking to me he’s so laid back and very quiet he’s not sure how so he’s quiet when I do try talking to him but it still feels like he doesn’t understand it, my ex was bat shit crazy over video games I explained to him that I still needed him and everything and he chilled out quite a bit

Leave the kids with him and get on your laptop and start doing something on it like a zoom cocktail hour and tell him today children are his responsibility. Don’t cook, don’t clean. After a few days living in a shithole without a good home cooked meal and kids gone crazy he will ask you for a compromise. If he doesn’t he’s a piece of shit